3 Major Issues with Malwarebytes

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With the technological enhancement, the threat of security breach has also increased. It has become quite tricky for everyone to safeguard one’s digital identity.

To protect us from online threats such as viruses, spams and other malware, technological experts have come up with a solution, namely Malwarebytes.

What is Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes is a scanner that searches and eliminates all malicious software from your system. The system includes rogue security software, spyware, and adware.

This anti-malware software is compatible with various major platforms like Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Launched in January 2006, Malwarebytes has come up with various versions. The recent Malwarebytes version is 3.0. It gives protection from Malware, exploits, ransomware, and from numerous malicious websites.

But in spite of so many benefits, Malwarebytes 3 has some issues which severely bother users and hamper their internet experience.

Lets’ discuss the issues:

  1. Real-Time Web Protection Shut Downs Automatically

This is one of the major issues occurring with the newsiest version of Malwarebytes 3. The shutting-down of the real-time web protection has become the real issue of concern among the Malwarebytes users.

It is because of this reason, users have to end the running process of Malwarebytes 3 and if it does not work, then they have to restart the process to turn web protection on again.

  1. High Memory Usage

Another major issue with Malwarebytes 3 is the problem of memory usage. According to a recent study, it has been found that the people using Malwarebytes 3 must be facing issues with their system memory while using the anti-malware software.

Under Malwarebytes 3 memory issue, the program is eating up all the memory available on your machine.

A user has thrown some light on the fact with his personal experience. He said that he has 20 GB RAM in his system, and after installing Malwarebytes 3, it took almost 98% of system’s memory.

The worst part about it is that a memory leak cannot be stopped as MBAM 3 get automatically starts itself.

  1. Search .sys Files

So the problem with Malwarebytes is that it constantly searching .sys files and various look-alike files. It labeled such files as PUP aka Potentially Unwanted Program.

Just so you PUPs are the unwanted programs that sometimes added to a system without the consent or knowledge of a user. Adware, installs a toolbar, etc. are some example of PUPs file.

To cope up with the situation, one has to perform many re-starts which would be time-consuming and irritating many times.

The Final Words

Technology is a boon but sometimes a minute change in the same can create a problem in our lives. Malwarebytes though is one of the finest anti-malware programs in the present time, but after all, it is a machine program and it can get malfunction sometime.

There is some issue with Malwarebytes 3 and one cannot deny in this but parallelly, the program is also fitted with various benefits which are making the daily operations of a user smooth and hassle-free.



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