64-bit support added to AVG Antivirus but Windows XP and Vista Dropped

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AVG is a leading name in the world of antivirus software. It is a subsidiary of Avast and makes many antivirus programs for internet users around the world. Recently the company came out with its upgrade that adds support to 64-bit but drops Windows XP and Vista operating systems. The company is known for its excellent AVG antivirus support and users love its free and paid versions of software.

There is this problem in getting the latest version of antivirus software when customers purchase a product form AVG. These customers have trouble installing the most updated version of the software without even realizing that subscription for a certain time period means they are entitled to the latest version only. You can clarify your doubts in this regard by simply talking to a representative at online AVG antivirus support

No more printing of year on releases

To overcome this problem, AVG has stopped printing the year on its software versions. This means customers have no way of knowing when a particular version was released. The latest release by AVG is edition 19.1 that can be considered a major upgrade as it drops support to both Windows XP and Windows Vista OS. If you are still using these old operating systems, you cannot use this latest edition of security products from AVG. You have to use the older 18.x edition of security software from the company. Though you can still receive anti malware updates, you cannot expect to get access to future enhancements and features introduced by AVG.

Biggest feature is support to 64-bit Windows

Discontinued support to Vista and XP is not big news for users as most other antivirus making companies have already stopped support to these OS. What is more interesting for Windows users is the fact that this latest edition supports 64-bit Windows. This means that the antivirus program not only scans but also loads the system at a faster speed at the time of start. This was a major grievance of Windows users that AVG antivirus programs did not support their software. Settings of the new software from AVG have also been overhauled to allow the users to get down to the area they are looking for in a quick and more efficient manner. There is a totally new search bar that enables users to reach desired area of settings by simply typing their keywords.

Upgrade to the new software automatically

If you are a user of the earlier edition 19 from AVG, you get automatic AVG support to upgrade your product without having to visit the website of the company. This means your previous license continues to remain operational and you can easily upgrade to the new version of antivirus program.

Additional features of the new security software

  • Reports of boot scan
  • Improved network protection
  • Stronger firewall
  • Improved web shield
  • Ability to restore settings

Users also get an all new installer with this latest offering from AVG. Based on the same framework as Avast, users can expect very similar features and functionalities.



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