Advantages and Disadvantages of Norton Antivirus

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The Internet has opened the gateways to various opportunities for the world. It has also made the entire world connected to each other. It has made international trade easy and also acts as a prominent platform of seamless communication.

On the contrary, it has some serious issues also, and one major problem is hacking aka the cybercrime. With the advancement of the technology, also have emerged some major security issues.

To resolve these security issues, various companies have launched anti-viruses that help users to protect their virtual identity.

One such anti-virus program is Norton. It is highly secured and extra-ordinary advanced program specially designed to help people and save their system from viruses, malware, and spam ware.

Users are also offered with Norton antivirus support services by the team of Norton.

Here in this post, we are going to make you introduce with advantages and disadvantages of Norton antivirus. Let’s proceed ahead.

People Prefer Norton Antivirus More Than Other Program

Virus Detection Rate

Being a top-notch virus, Norton is the one that holds prominence in the domain of anti-virus program. The rate of the virus detection is quite fast and it gets better with every new version.

Users that are using this anti-virus are highly satisfied with its ability to search viruses in the system. Norton not only detects the viruses but also prevent your system from them.

 Protection from Spam

Spam also is the major concern for many internet users. Hackers and internet criminals are a major concern in the present time. The spams are kinds of corrupted files that make the system slow of a user.

Due to it, the user also faces system hang problem. Thus in such a scenario, Norton Antivirus comes as a boon.

It shields your computer or laptop from spam and phishing perils. The advancement in Norton also helps this program to search and kill spam in your system.

 Fast Protection and Robust Recovery

Norton Antivirus gives your system fast protection from malware. It is another kind of harmful elements that threats your computer.

The tech support team of Norton Antivirus also helps people to overcome their malware related issue in no time.

Apart from rapid protection, you would also get extended protection services with support and recovery.

Some Drawbacks in Norton Antivirus to Consider


There is no doubt Norton is the best antivirus in the present time, but it technological advancements also brought some issues with it. One of the major disadvantages of Norton Antivirus is its demanding requirements.

To run in your system Norton requires a bundle of memory which leads to slow running of other applications in your system. It uses ample RAM in compare to lightweight anti-virus programs like Avast and Avira.


Many of you must have guessed it right; the antivirus program comes in a huge amount which makes it’s less popular among its users. Other protection programs come in a budget of a user or some even come free such as AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials. In such a scenario, it is hard for Norton to stand in the market.

Slow First Scan

It’s high memory usage issue often becomes problematic for Norton itself also. According to a survey it has been found that Norton often scans the system at a slow speed.

It’s slowness issue often occur during the preliminary malware scan in the system of a user.

As we have discussed, it uses more RAM, it is hard for a user to use any other program in his or her system during the initial scanning



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