Amazing Facts and Figures about Amazon Prime

Amazing Facts Amazon Prime

Amazon is a leading name in the realm of online shopping. It is a treasure trove of an array of exciting products with great prices.

This apex eCommerce website always walks an extra mile to give its users the best shopping experience with numerous seasonal and surprising discount offers.

And if you come among the 100 Amazon Prime subscribers in America, then there are many more offerings for you, than you have ever thought.

Apart from free two days shipping, Amazon Prime subscribers also get eligible to access the streaming content on Amazon Video backed by strong Amazon Prime membership Support.

Following we have mentioned some really exciting facts and figures related to Amazon Prime which will surely entice you to opt for the services.

  1. Economic Subscription

The subscription fees of the Amazon Prime services are quite fascinating. The budget-friendly subscription fee helps the company to keep customers hooked. Subscribers are offered with two options, first with $119 annually, and another is $12.99 per month subscription fee option.

In exchange, users will enjoy movies, TV shows, Amazon Prime videos along with free access to books, magazines, audiobooks, etc.

  1. Prime Members’ Preferences

The popularity of Amazon Prime is globe across.  If we talk about the market of the United States, the company has reported with 80 million Prime subscribers from the country itself.

Amazon Prime Support

Most of the subscribers prefer the option to pay an annual fee rather than opting for the monthly subscription. A survey by CIRP says that only 26% of the US citizens opt for the monthly subscription.

  1. More Cash Back and More Spend

Did you know about Amazon Prime Reload? It is a reward program by Amazon under which when a user fills funds onto their Amazon account balance from their debit card, they will get 2% cash back on the use of the refilled fund.

There is a special discount for those who have a state-issued debit card. It is because of these alluring schemes Amazon Prime subscribers spend $1300 every year in comparison to the non-subscribers who spend $700 a year.

  1. Whole Foods Market App

This is an interesting thing which few of Prime members know. Under the Whole Foods Market app, all the subscribers of Amazon Prime shall be eligible for various exciting discounts.

The Prime subscribers are also offered with at least 10% off on all the eligible products such as organic yellow peaches, baby back ribs, and mocha ice creams to name a few.

Prime Video


  1. Other Major Interesting Facts and Figures on Amazon Prime

  • Amazon has opened 12 bookstores across the country, and 3 new stores are on their way. For its Prime members, Amazon offers the discounted rate on the available books.
  • For all booze lovers, this one is for you. Amazon Prime provides 2 hours grocery delivery including alcohol.
  • It is very interesting to know that Millennial form the major part of Amazon Prime sales. In July 2017, a survey was conducted on millennial and 79% said they prefer using Amazon Prime deals often.
  • There are quite fewer chances of Amazon Prime Complaints because of which it the Prime services by Amazon become more fascinating.


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