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With prices of large 4K televisions coming down in the market, more and more owners are desirous of watching movies in 4K resolution. Amazon Prime is one streaming service that is facing increasing demand from its subscribers for these movies and shows. A vast majority of new subscribers are not even aware of the kind of Amazon Prime support to 4K content.

If you are a customer of Amazon Prime, good news for you is that 4K content is available on Amazon Prime Video. However, you need to know what kind of content you will get a chance to watch through your subscription of Amazon Prime. If you have a 4K TV at home, you can stream a wide variety of movies and shows. What is more, you also have an abundance of originals from Amazon Prime such as The Man In The High Castle, The Grand Tour, Jack Ryan, The Expanse, and many more in high resolution. These originals from Amazon are not only high resolution but also display more vibrant colors because of HDR features.

If you visit Amazon Prime support page, you learn that there are not one but three HDR standards used by Amazon Prime. These include the basic standard, the HDR standard created by Dolby Labs, and the standard called HDR10+. The movies and shows following the HDR standard created by Dolby Labs are labeled as Dolby Vision.

In addition to these movies and television shows that support 4K resolution, subscribers of Amazon Prime Video also have the option of getting movies and shows on rent. A vast majority of this content is now available in ultra 4K resolution. Of course, customers are required to pay a little higher rent for these movies and shows than content available in SD or HD version.

Another question that comes to the minds of the subscribers is the speed of their internet connection they need to enjoy content in 4K. Amazon Prime support says that you need a connection with at least 15 Mbps speed for downloading to be able to watch content in 4K resolution in a smooth manner. While this might seem like a stringent condition, you must know that Netflix requires minimum download speeds of at least 25 Mbps for its subscribers to be able to watch content in 4K.

Also, Amazon does not make its subscribers cough out more money for getting a chance to watch content in 4K. Once you are a subscriber, you get to watch its 4K content without paying any extra fee. However, if you wish to watch 4K content that is available on rent, you may have to pay a higher amount.

As far as devices that support 4K resolution content form Amazon Prime are concerned, Amazon Prime support page says that all ultra HD smart televisions made and sold by LG, Samsung, and Sony after 2015 are capable of streaming 4K resolution content from Amazon Prime. Supported TVs made by Phillips, Sharp, Vizio, Vestel, and Hisense can also stream 4K resolution form Amazon Prime.



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