Amazon Prime Support Now Extends to Buying Suggestions based on Horoscopes

Amazon Prime Support

If you thought daily horoscopes were a thing of the past and they have been confined to the 2nd last page of your daily newspaper, think again. Amazon, the world’s largest online retail giant, has found a way to lure Amazon Prime subscribers with buying suggestion based upon their horoscopes. This is one Amazon Prime support that is simply being loved by its customers.

Faced with stiff competition posed by Netflix and other streaming services, Amazon has discovered a totally novel way of luring its customers into buying products from its website. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you will now get personalized daily horoscopes form Amazon. But wait. If you thought this service has been started by Amazon to offer solutions and advices to improve your life, you are mistaken. It is a clever ploy by the company to encourage customers to buy its own products.

Started exclusively for customers subscribing to $119 per annum plan, this Amazon Prime support sends daily horoscopes that are meant to be a clever marketing of products sold on Amazon. You are not going to receive expert advice on what to do to get your love back or how to strike it rich in career or business. Instead, you will be suggested products based upon your horoscope.

Amazon has started this free service through its newsletter called Prime Insider. This newsletter is usually reserved to share how to guides and information about exciting deals on products and services sold on Amazon. The company has roped in famous astrologer and writer Anna Katz to give recommendations on buying products in its daily horoscopes sent to Amazon Prime subscribers.

For example, if you are a Cancer born between June 21 and July 22, you will receive your horoscope that will contain suggestions about products that match your stars. You might be recommended new beauty products to keep your skin healthy and glowing to help you in experiencing the world in a better manner. While the horoscopes look innocent, they recommend product categories blatantly to encourage Prime subscribers to go for them on Amazon. Most of the customers are lapping up this online Amazon Prime support and buying products suggested in their daily horoscopes.

According to experts, this innovative move by Amazon is likely to disrupt the astrology and prediction services offered by famous astrologers and magazines on the web. Though some customers have voiced their concern over the use of Astrology by Amazon to market its own products, no one is complaining as a vast majority is happy or neutral about this new Amazon Prime customer support. After all, who can say no to a product or service when his stars say it is going to be good for him?

There are some people who feel that Amazon has tapped into the inherent natural weakness of human beings through this service. Also, the company is capitalizing on the growing interest of individuals worldwide in wellness and astrology. It is not clear whether these horoscopes bring any benefit to Prime users or not. But one thing is sure and that is increased sales figures for Amazon.



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