Amazon Prime V/s Netflix

               Distinction between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the most popularly used video streaming devices. We will be comparing the two head to head and will be seeing which video streaming device is better for you. There are tons of things to consider from the amount of content to the cost of membership to the UI to the original content.

Amount of content:

How much content does each of these video streaming services have? Netflix has over 5000 series and movies on their site and all of these are offered in HD and some of them in 4k as well. So because of this there are a lot of movies and TV shows. But Amazon takes us to the next level to over 20000 series and movies to offer and also they have deals with many TV show providers to provide greater amount of content at a time. So when they refresh their site with new and exciting content, there is going to be a lot more than what Netflix has to offer.


Now with all these features available let’s talk pricing.  With Netflix you get three tiered plans, you get basic, you get standard, and you get premium. With premium you have up to four users on the same account. There are 3 plans; there is the prime video for $8.99, the prime monthly for $10.99 and the prime annual for $99  which works out to $8 and a quarter which indeed is the best deal. You also get free prime shipping, enjoy instant access to video streaming, over two million songs, thousand of playlists and stations, access to books, magazines and more, twitch prime all your photos together at last, access to early lightning deals, prime rewards and much more. This is a value play that Netflix cannot touch. The integration is incredible and the access to content is impressive. There are lots of benefits from Amazon Prime membership.


User interface. How does it feel when you are interacting with the app? Well with Netflix you have a dark background and a very nice red logo. Its very simplistic and intuitive and its more tailored to the users’ tastes because there’s a lot of recommended content. On the other side you have Amazon Prime which has a lighter background. However the logo is generally disliked.  Its very complicated and mostly counter intuitive user interface.  Not tailored to users’ tastes and don’t really offer recommended content.  Netflix is so much easier to interact with.

Original content:

This is basically original produced content that is exclusive to each of these video streaming services that you cant find anywhere else. For Netflix there are over 150 original series, movies that they have originally produced exclusive to Netflix only. On Amazon Prime you have 55 plus original series and movies. Netflix is growing much faster.

User base:

How many people have subscribed or how many people use these services. Netflix has 100million plus users and in Amazon  Prime there are 30.5 million plus viewers. Netflix has more subscribers too.

Supported devices:

Which device do Netflix or Amazon Prime Video support?  Both of them support tablets phones, desktops, laptops, Television. Game consoles, blu-ray players and video streaming boxes like apple TV and Chromcast. However Netflix does support many more manufacturers than Amazon Prime does. For example, sharp TV, or Samsung TV. Netflix is available on a lot of different platforms that’s great but not all devices are supported. There is no support for the one plus one bacon.  In sharp contrast Amazon Prime Video doesn’t have that problem. It works perfectly fine on the phone.

Unique features:

The level of content available in Amazon prime video is very impressive. Has a world class feel to it. It has got access to movies that are very recent.  The one thing that Amazon Prime video has over Netflix is access to brand new content. Now house of cards is a Netflix original series so you have to pay for that. New episodes are not available. But shows like suits which is high up there are available. Even some of the newer episodes are available. The list of new movies in Amazon Prime video is impressive. There are many movies and you can download them in various qualities.  You can drill down to the actor and actresses that are starring in the movie including ratings and what other movies they have starred in, that is something also that the Amazon Prime has over Netflix.

One can see there is a lot more available in Amazon Prime Video than you can get with Netflix.  That is something Netflix will have to play catch upon. With Netflix you get familiar interface that are available on many different platforms which is something that Netflix does well.



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