Apple Makes Safari Google Friendly and More Secure

Safari Browser

Safari is a default browser for all iOS devices and it is also one of the fastest and most secure browsers in the world at the moment. Recent changes introduced by Apple aim to make it more endearing for the users. For the first time ever, Google Docs support has been added to Safari. People who use iOS devices and have never experienced Google Docs will find this support very exciting.

For those using iOS 13 in their iPhones and iPads, the latest updates in Safari browser will give them a browsing experience just like a desktop. This is because Safari browser support now auto optimizes the websites visited by the users. Also, Apple has introduced many new keyboard shortcuts to make browsing user friendly and super easy for mobile device users.

The addition of Docs support to Safari means that iPhone and iPad users will no longer need to download Chrome browser to do their work in Docs. With an all new download manager, it seems Apple now trusts its customers to download and install apps from the internet without any restrictions. Very soon, it is expected that Apple will allow Safari users to set font size and also their preferred settings for particular websites. Safari browser online support is also expected to provide users the option to upload photos on to their accounts on iCloud.

In another development, Apple is making efforts to enhance the safety and security of Safari browsers users. This is being done with the help of a new technology called Privacy Preserving Ad Click Attribution. This means that Safari browser will now make sure that online advertisements are not able to track the users on the web. Until now, Apple was making use of a technology called Intelligent Tracking Prevention to prevent ads from collecting data of users on the web. This was done cleverly in the name of use of cookies.  

If you do not know, digital ads on websites you visit contain cookies that can track the behavior of the user and collect and store data on browsing habits of the users. This data allows advertisers where to place their ads on the web so as to get best return on investment. In a way, it is a violation of the privacy of the consumers as their data about personal browsing habits is being collected by advertisers even when they are not clicking on ads on internet.

Now, with the introduction of the technology called PPAC, Apple is making sure that its Safari browser places restrictions on these ads and limits their ability to collect data from the users. The company believes that with the help of this technology, Safari users will get a more secure and private browsing experience.

Interestingly, Apple has stopped giving access to its Apple Store for users making use of older versions of Safari browser. Ostensibly, this is being done to protect consumers from online threats. This way, Apple is ensuring that people are using the latest and most up to date operating systems and browsers. Users having older versions of Safari will get a message that their browser is not supported for a visit to Apple Store. 



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