Apple May Withdraw iOS 15 Support to iPhone 6s

Apple Iphone SUpport

If you are still using iPhone 6 or iPhone SE, there is disturbing news for you. According to rumors doing rounds these days, Apple may not allow owners of these old smartphones a chance to upgrade to iOS 15. The nest update to iOS is expected in 2021. As is the practice in Apple, owners of older iPhones are allowed to upgrade to the latest version of the operating system. It gives these owners a sense of comfort as they are able to enjoy the same level of functionality as the owners of most recent iPhones. End of iPhone 6s support for iOS 15 means it is time to buy a new iPhone.

Software support is one of the biggest reasons why iPhones enjoy so much of popularity among the people. Buyers do not get automatic upgrade of operating system when they buy Android smartphones. Apple has realized this big advantage and so keeps providing software updates to customers for 4-5 years. This is the reason why people are willing to a much higher price for an iPhone even though they can buy an Android phone for less than half the amount.

Those owning iPhones know that the most recent operating system in Apple devices is iOS 14. If you are using an older iPhone 6, you know that Apple provides iPhone 6 support through iOS 14. Phones in iPhone 6 series were launched in 2015 and they are enjoying the latest operating system even after 5 years. However, the owners of iPhone 6s and iPhone SE must be ready for a rude jolt next year when Apple introduces the next version of the iOS.

Once software support from Apple is dropped, an iPhone loses its charm for the owner. Its value is decreased and it is better to sell the old smartphone before Apple announces withdrawal of operating system support to an iPhone.  The latest news on iPhone support has come from Verified, a publication credited with coming up insider leaks from Apple. It has claimed that iOS 15 will not support iPhone 6s and iPhone SE, both of which were launched in 2015.

One reason why Apple does not want to keep supporting older iPhones forever is that it will discourage older buyers from buying latest smartphones. Of course there are also hardware constraints as the hardware of very old iPhones does not support latest operating system. There is no need to worry if your old iPhone 6 or iPhone SE will not be supported by the latest iOS next year. You will continue to receive all security updates announced by Apple. You can continue with your older iPhone with the old iOS and the only disadvantage you would face is lack of functionalities added by the latest operating system.

There has been no confirmation about withdrawal of software support to these old iPhones from Apple. You can try contacting iPhone help line to find out whether this rumor is really true or not.  You can continue with the phone even if this rumor turns out to be true.



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