Apple Releases 6th Beta Version of iOS 12.2

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On 18 March, Apple released the 6th beta version of iOS 12.2 to allow iOS developers to test it. It arrives just a week after the 5th beta version of iOS 12.2. Developers who are registered with Apple can download this beta version to continue with their testing through Apple iOS support. This new beta version is packed with many exciting features that are an indication of things to come when Apple iOS 12.2 is finally launched for the common people.

Apple is going to introduce a subscription fee for Apple News with the upcoming iOS. It is expected to be announced on the March 25 event by the company. By charging a monthly fee, Apple plans to give unlimited access to news magazines and websites to its news service after subscription.

This beta version comes with 4 new Animojis namely an owl, a giraffe, a shark, and a boar. Users of Apple devices will be able to send these Animojis in their messages and also when using FaceTime.

Support for AirPlay

It is a time to rejoice for all iPhones and iPad users as this beta version confirms that the upcoming iOS will provide support to AirPlay. Users can now watch the content in their phones and Mac laptops on the large screen of their smart TVs through iOS support.

Wallet interface streamlined

There are rumors that Apple is all set to launch its own credit card in the time to come. This beta version of iOS 12.2 contains some tweaks to the interface of Wallet app to make it more streamlined. Goldman Sachs is rumored to be a partner in this new venture of Apple. Owners of this credit card will be able to track their rewards and also set their spending limits.

Improved privacy for Safari users

Apple iOS 12.2 introduces much improved security for those who use Safari for browsing internet. Until now, security setting was disabled by default. But now, users can enable the security under privacy settings of security to enjoy enhanced security during browsing.

Information about warranty and purchase of AppleCare

The new beta version of iOS 12.2 has a code that can tell the users about the remaining duration of the warranty of their device. They can do so by going to About section under Settings. Purchase of AppleCare is still disabled in this beta version. But there is indication that it will be enabled by the time the new version of iOS is out in the market.

The new beta version also confirms the arrival of a new generation of AirPods. The signal is the inclusion of a Hey Siri set up screen that is hidden but known to the developers. This is a clear indication that Apple is planning to launch the 2nd generation of its Apple AirPods.

Apple users are impatiently waiting for the next release of iOS. They will know more about its features and the date it is going to be launched on March 25 in a mega event organized by the company.



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