AT&T best in 5G, offering free smartphones to customers


AT&T is the number one telecommunications company of the country with footprints in not just landline and mobile telephony but also in broadband internet and digital entertainment. If you are a subscriber of this company, you must be a happy and satisfied customer. Recently, AT&T became Nation’s best 5G network after it was crowned as the most reliable 5G network of the country. A large role in this success is played by AT&T support that lives up to the expectations of the customers all the time.

Global Wireless Solutions ran a survey in all 50 states across the country in order to find out which service provider is the best 5G network in the eyes of the consumers. In this survey, it was found that a vast majority of AT&T customers said that they were able to access 5G in most of the places. It was not the first time for AT&T to be given this award by GWS. This is the 4th time in a row in 4 years that the company has received this award in 4 years. Customers rated AT&T the best on different parameters such as voice, video, and reliability.

Between 2016 and 2020, AT&T has invested no less than $110 billion on improving the reach of its network. It has been the endeavor of the company to be the leader in 5G services. AT&T support has made sure that its high-quality services are made available to not just new customers but also to the existing ones who do not have 5G smartphones.

There is no doubt that AT&T has set the 5G bar quite high with its performance and outstanding services. Its subscribers are reaping the benefits in terms of lightning-fast internet speed. The Internet offered by AT&T is not just fast but also highly reliable and secure. There are still customers who are making use of 3G phones and cannot access 5G internet on their devices. AT&T has taken a proactive approach and announced that it will be sending every one of these consumers a free 5G smartphone so that they can make use of fast and better 5G services provided by the company.

Unlike other companies that offer cheap or inferior quality devices, AT&T support has been sending devices like Samsung Note 9, S9, or Note 10 to these consumers to make them feel happy about the services of the company. These phones are being sent randomly on the basis of a lottery. For customers who were using 3G sets, this is nothing but a wonderful deal from a company that is already regarded as the best in the country.

If you are using an old 3G phone and haven’t heard from the company, you can dial our toll-free number +1(830)476-2055 to schedule an appointment with a retail store of AT&T. We are the most popular and reliable AT&T tech support center and we provide full AT&T support to our customers for free. This toll-free AT&T support helpline remains open at all times on all 7 days of the week



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