AVG Antivirus Support is Unbeatable in its Category

AVG antivirus is one of the most loved internet security suites available in the market. Used by millions of individuals around the country, this antivirus never stops to amaze with its powerful protection against all kinds of malware on the web. AVG antivirus does not slow down your computer like other antivirus products sold in the market. It is lightweight and packed with very exciting features. But what makes it endearing to the users is the solid AVG antivirus support provided by the company.

Powerful protection with a very friendly user interface

AVG is not just good at providing reliable and high level of protection against threats on internet but it also has a very simple and user friendly interface. One feature of AVG antivirus that is loved by the users is the fact that it can be used on unlimited number of devices inside a household. AVG antivirus has undergone laboratory testing in different parts of the world and it has emerged as a strong and powerful protection against viruses and malware of all kind.

In addition to a potent protection against malware, AVG antivirus also provides protection against ransom ware. Many internet security suites hide this protection behind pay walls. However, AVG believes in total transparency and this is why AVG antivirus customer support also includes monitoring of downloads and protection against viruses in emails.

Protection at all times through servers

Protection against new and advance threats over internet is provided by AVG antivirus through constant monitoring of the device of the customer through its servers. AVG antivirus provides many built in extensions for the users of Google Chrome. These include ad blocker, password manager, and privacy cleaner. This facility is provided by the company in the shape of secure browser that comes free with every installation.

While all the above features are available with AVG antivirus free versions, AVG Ultimate adds internet security with a feature called Tune Up. This is a powerful feature that cleans your computer without any prompts by you. It fixes all the issues and even identifies applications that are providing to be a drag on the speed of your computer. Tune Up also fixes errors if any on the hard disc of your computer.

One of the most exciting features offered by online AVG antivirus support is virtual private network or VPN. Called Secure VPN, this feature allows users to enhance their privacy when browsing on the web. You can easily hide your identity when surfing on the net by simply using secure VPN form AVG antivirus.

Pricing of products done by AVG is also very sensible. While AVG Free is free in every sense of the word, Internet Security is a plan that is available at $69.99 for a year. This plan can also be availed through a monthly payment of $5.83. The most expensive of the plans by the company is called Ultimate which is priced at $99.99 per annum. Although pricey, it is packed with many powerful features. It provides live chat support and also the ability to be used on unlimited number of devices in the household.



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