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AVG antivirus support is loved by its users around the country for being highly effective and real time in nature.The company is also offering AVG VPN, a potent tool to safeguard your privacy form hackers lurking on the net. It is a well known fact that the more you make use of apps and social media platforms, the more vulnerable you become to the prying eyes of the hackers prowling in the virtual world.AVG VPN encrypts and then transmits your data in a safe and secure manner when you are browsing the web.

By using AVG VPN, you can hide your personal details such as your IP address to conduct very safe browsing sessions. You can also gain access to restricted websites or those that are censored by the authorities in your country. With 29 servers in different parts of the world, AVG VPN gives you privacy and protection that you need to keep your personal information secured. If you have marveled at AVG antivirus online support for its efficacy and efficiency, you will also fall in love with the performance of its VPN service. Here are some of the best features of AVG VPN for you. 

Ease of use

AVG VPN is so easy to use that anyone can simply download, install and enjoy the powerful security being offered by the company. You can create a virtual private network in just a few clicks to make sure that you are safe and secure when browsing the net.

Enjoy security on several devices

AVG VPN is a wonderful program that can be used not just on a Windows based PC but also on your Mac PC or laptop. One subscription allows you to use high level security on up to 5 devices including your Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Enjoy free public Wi-Fi without any worries

Government these days is offering facility of free Wi-Fi at many public places like airports, railway stations, bus stations, and even restaurants and coffee shops. While it is fun using free Wi-Fi to access your social media networks, it can also be dangerous to expose yourself to safety risks. But when you have AVG VOPN installed in your device, you can enjoy free public Wi-Fi without any worry of anyone hacking your personal details.

Highly reliable VPN

AVG VPN is regarded as one of the most reliable VPN services around the world. With decades of experience in creating internet security suites, AVG antivirus support has come up with a tool that never lets you down no matter where you are or which websites you are browsing. You can rely on this tool to safeguard your banking and credit card details when making online payments to utility companies and other merchants.

AVG VPN is available for a free trial as well as a 30 day money back guarantee so that you have nothing to lose by giving this powerful tool a try. AVG antivirus 24X7 support means you will never experience any difficulty while using it for your security.



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