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Canon Support

Canon Ivy: Wireless Bluetooth Mini Photo Printer

If you are fond of photography and keep clicking your smartphone to store your memories, it is a good idea to save your selected images in a physical form for posterity purposes.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to print your photos instantly and gift them to your friends…

Netflix Support

Netflix not Projecting itself as Technology Company

If one takes a closer look at the press releases and posts made by company bosses, he finds that Netflix is not trying to emphasize itself as a tech company any more. They are trying to focus upon things that have a cultural aspect; things that they believe will help…

Verizon Internet Support

Let’s 5G: Verizon asks Customers to Support its Rollout

5G, the next generation of mobile communications, is being awaited impatiently by the consumers all over the world. It will replace the current 4G and 3G services being offered by Verizon and other mobile operators. Like other players, Verizon is also excited about 5G and it also wants its customers…

Apple Safari Support

Tips for Apple Safari Users to Enhance their Experience

If you use an iPhone or iPad, you must be using Safari, its default browser, to surf the net. Apple Safari is known as a wonderful browser and it is specially designed for Mac and iOS users. In fact, using this browser with efficient Apple Safari support also proves good…

Kindle Support

Kindle Oasis – The Good and The Bad, Everything You Need To Know

The kingdom of readers is flourishing ever since they are introduced with a technological way of reading their favorite books and the way is called Kindle. Developed by the biggest online retail brand Amazon, Kindle is quite popular among reader because of its small and hand-held feature. A reader can…

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