Amazon Prime Can Protect Your Product from Porch Thieves

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Amazon always comes up with the innovative solutions to make the user experience of their users a memorable one.
Recently, in the series of offering some value to their subscribers, Amazon Prime has introduced a novel concept of delivering a package to your vehicles. The newly launched service is one of the finest examples of Amazon Prime Membership Support services. It has numerous benefits and caters high-end security.

What is this new Amazon Prime service is all about

On 24th April 2018, Amazon has launched a new service in 37 cities for its Prime subscribers. Under this service, all the prime members of Amazon now can have their packages delivered to their car trunks.
Numerous online retailers are appreciating this concept as it can help customers’ package protected from porch thieves.
A user with the help of this facility now can accept the delivery of their package to their Volvo cars or any other general motors. Designed similarly to its recently launched  by Amazon.

Functionality and Advantages of In-Car Delivery

This in-car deliver services by Amazon does not require any rocket science functionality. The process is simple, where you just require the Amazon Key App. You download the same, connect it with an eligible car and give it’s access to the delivery drivers for secured package delivery.
All open and public places will be accessible through this package delivery system under in-car service . The driver can leave the package in the available area of the car.
In case if he can’t access the car then he will deliver the package to the backup location of your choice.

Steps To Avail This Service

1. See you eligibility to avail in-car deliver services by Amazon Prime.
2. If you are available for the in-car delivery service, then you have to download the Amazon Key App and connect the app with your vehicle.
3. Next time when you purchase any product from Amazon, check the in-car delivery option before checking out.
On the day when your package is about to get delivered to you, you will be notified about its real-time status through your downloaded app. The notifications for Amazon will start within 4 hours of delivery.

4. The delivery agent by Amazon with the access to your vehicle that has been allotted through the app, will deliver your package in your car and inform you about successful product delivery.
For the hassle-free delivery, you are suggested to park your vehicle within the two blocks of a present delivery address.

If you are interested in the in-car delivery services and would like to know more insight on the same, then you can contact its customer support service by giving a call on 24×7 available Amazon Prime customer support number.



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