Now, This Hidden Facebook Feature is No More a Top Secret

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There is no doubt that Facebook has become an integral part of our lives. The social media platform has offered us a way to get connected with our near and dear ones all across the world.

The platform even uses by different businesses of various sizes and from different industries as a major medium to market their product and or services.

But since the past few years, the number of people who abuses other people on Facebook with inappropriate comments is increasing.

With the liberty of commenting anything, people can lead to hurt the sentiments of others gruesomely.

Many a time people requested Facebook tech support team to bring some security filter through which they can stop such people to spread hate speech.

Even Facebook, with each passing year, builds a strong security measure to offer its users the best social media experience.

The New Security Feature

Recently, A 23 years old researcher from Hong Kong,  Jane Manchun Wong created a buzz in the tech world with her new findings.

She had uncovered a hidden feature of Facebook which the technology giant wants to keep secret from the users.

According to her new finding, a Facebook user is able to ban specific words, phrase and even ban the emojis from comments on one’s Facebook’s timeline.

On the same hand people who use such words, phrase or emoji and their Facebook friends are able to still able to see them.

Ever since the new discovery came into the limelight, people are hoping for better and hate-free Facebook experience.

Impact of this Newly Discovered Facebook Feature

People who are using Facebook must be aware that the highly accepted social media platform is already having a spam filter for comments and with this new discovery about the hidden feature, building the chances for more secured environment becomes easier.

Facebook users now keep the haters and their hate speech away from themselves and completely flush out all kinds of harassment.

Instagram, a photo sharing platform which is owned by Facebook, already has this feature where users can manually filter comments on their post.  Even Twitter another leading social media platform also allows users to block certain words and phrases from their timelines.

With this new finding, we hope that there would be less hate and harassment on the social media platform. If you also want to make this feature enable in your Facebook account and due to some technical problem couldn’t able to do so, then you can any time contact Facebook help center and get the best Facebook tech support on your discretion.



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