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Commonly Asked Questions Related to Apple Safari Browser Support

Q. How to reset my Apple Safari browser?

A. If your Safari Browser is running slow, or if you are facing functional defect in your Safari browser you will have to reset the Safari browser. For doing so, open the Safari browser and click on the safari from top left. Here there are few things that you will need to do. The first step would be to clear the history, choose “all history” and clear the same. This has cleared all history on the browser. Now go again to the Safari and click on “Preferences”, then “Privacy “and then click on “Remove all website data”. This will remove all the cookies on the apple Safari browser. After removing cookies, switch to password tab and delete these passwords. These are the passwords that are automatically saved on the browser. Next step should be “Extensions”, here choose each extension and uninstall the same. Move on to “Advanced” menu and check this box stating “Show Develop menu in menu bar”. You will see “Developed” on the top, from there go to “Empty Caches”. Next step should be to clear bookmarks for which you will have to click on bookmark shortcut. Once it opens do a right click and remove all the bookmarks.

Q. What to do if my Apple Safari stops loading on Mac?

A. Has your Safari stopped loading on your Mac? Here are simple and easy steps to fix the apple Safari not loading issue. Open up your router page and login to your account. Then to the window that appears find out your wireless setting, from there proceed to Wireless Interface Setup, here comes two columns, SSID- which is for your Wi-Fi name and Pre-Shared Key which is where you type password. Change your username and password, and then click on “Apply”. Here your problem has to be solved. If your problem is still not solved you can get the best Apple safari browser support from the technical specialists at Apple Safari Support help centre. For talking to the technical specialists you need to dial +1-877-916-7666.

Q. How to get the latest version of Apple Safari browser on Mac?

A. Here is how you can get the latest version of Apple Safari browser on your Mac. The first way is to install the latest Safari browser at the App Store. At the App Store you can also click on “Updates” to install all the available updates. The second way to get the latest version would be by installing it using this link https://support.apple.com/downloads/safari. For more information on how to get the latest version of your Apple Safari browser talk to the technical experts at the Apple Safari Support help centre dial +1-877-916-7666, which is the customer helpline number of Apple Safari Support.

Q. How to save the web pages in Safari?

A. Sometimes it so happens that you wish to save something that you are reading to continue reading it in the future. Do you also wish to save web pages? Web pages are saved to make them easier to visit in the future. To start, tap the share icon, there you will see options to save web pages such as:
• Add to reading list- the first time you do it, you can automatically save articles or books for offline reading. In case you want to change it, you can change this feature in the settings.
• Add Bookmark- want to save a site but don’t want it to show up when you open a new tab? You can add that to Bookmark by tapping on “Share” and then add to bookmark.
• Add to Favorites- Do you often visit your favorite sites? You can add your favourite sites to this option on your Safari browser. Tap “Share again” and then add to Favorites and tap “Save”.
• Add to Home screen- if you wish to save any web page you can do so by adding it to your Home Screen. This helps you get the quickest access to a site.
Whenever in need contact the Apple Safari Support at Apple Safari Support helpline number +1-877-916-7666.

Q. How do I contact Apple Safari browser Support? Or what is the customer care helpline number of Apple Safari Browser Support?

A. Be it about the Sign in or security problems on your Apple Safari Web browser, or be it related to the personal info and privacy or any sort of technical error on your Apple Safari web browser, the solution to all your problems related to Apple Safari browser is just moments away. Wondering how? You only need to dial the Apple Safari browser Support helpline number +1-877-916-7666. At this helpline number, the Apple safari tech support team is always happy to help you and ensure you with the best Apple Safari technological support possible. So feel free to call the Apple Safari Support helpline number and get to talk to the technical specialists who are available round the clock. Why to just be tensed about when your solutions are just a call away!

Q. How to clear cache in Apple Safari on Mac Operating System?

A. The web browser’s cache stores images, files and graphics associated with the web pages you have visited. Not clearing the cache periodically could lead to your PC or device taking up a large amount of storage space on your PC. Here is what to do to clear the cache. Click on the go menu and then click on applications. To open Safari web browser, double click on the safari icon. If you don’t want to clear your history, then enable the develop menu to clear the cache. To do so click on the Safari menu bar and then click “preferences”. Click on the “Advanced” tab and then select the checkbox next to show develop menu in menu bar. Now from the menu bar, click the develop tab and then click empty caches from the menu that opens. Close Safari web browser and then reopen it again. Wasn’t that a child’s play? For more helpful information, doubts, and problems you can contact Apple Safari Web browser Support customer care centre by having a direct word to word talk with one of the well trained technical representatives at Apple Safari Web browser support. Dial +1-877-916-7666 and get in touch with the technical engineers immediately to get the best Apple Safari Support in the most robust manner.

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