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Commonly Asked Questions Related to Printer Support

Q. How to fix issues with my Printer on my Windows 7, 8 or 10?

A. Are you facing issues with your Printer on your Windows device? Here is how you can fix the error with your Printer. Start “Menu”, type in “Printer”. It should be listed as Devices and Printers, left click on this. Now head on to the printer section and find out which printer is default or what your current printer is. This is a very important troubleshooting process and you have to be very mindful of what printer is currently set to default. Right click on your current printer and then left click on the “troubleshoot” option and the Windows will scan for the issues or different types of errors. If you are still facing problems in fixing your printer errors, then you can talk to the best and highly skilled technical assistants at Printer Support help centre. You just need to call Printer Support on +1-877-916-7666.

Q. How to install printer on my Windows device? or How to add a printer on my Windows device?

A. Here is how you can install a Printer in your Windows Operating System. Click on the start button and then left click on the control panel. In the control panel, click on “Hardware and Sound” option. Inside of which you will get “Devices and Printers”, left click on this. There you will discover a list of printers as well as faxes. You would have to add a printer, so left click on “Add a Printer”. Then an “Add Printer” window will pop up and ask you “What type of Printer do you want to install?” or if it is a local printer or you would like to add a network wireless or Bluetooth printer. After this you will have to choose a printer pot, and then install the printer after picking a name. Want more details on installing a printer on your operating system? Dial on +1-877-916-7666 and get the best Printer Support by the specialists.

Q. What are the different types of printers?

A. Printers have the ability to print copies of documents or photos on to paper from your computer system. There are several different types of Printers but the most common types used in home and offices are inkjet and laser printers. The other two kind less poplar than these are thermal printers and dot matrix printers. Of all these inkjet printers are the most common printers used in homes.
• Inkjet Printer- It is affordable. Lower Inkjet printers come with 2 ink cartridges. Higher Inkjet printers come with 4 ink cartridges.
• Laser Printers- They come is different sizes. From smaller personal ones to larger ones for businesses. Provide the highest quality print that is second to none.
• Thermal Printer- They print by using heat. Thermal Printers are commonly used for printing labels and barcodes. They are quiet.
• Dot Matrix Printers- They are almost nonexistent today. They are an old technology that produced mediocre print quality. They are also very noisy. They can print multi copy documents, such as carbon copies. They are very durable and last a long time.

Q. Which printer should I buy a Laser Printer or an Inkjet Printer?

A. Down are the key differences between these two technologies:
• One of the advantages of Inkjet Printers is that they are extremely inexpensive for the printer hardware upfront. They have some other advantages although, they are very compact, they don’t use much power compared to their laser counterparts. They are extremely versatile too. You can print a variety of media such as labels without ruining the sticker backs there is no heat involved in the printing process and the vast majority of Inkjet printers print in colour.
• Laser printers are more expensive in the short term. You have to pay more for the hardware, particularly if you want a colour model. They do tend to be more reliable, so they will last longer. If you use them very infrequently, they don’t have nozzles that can clog unlike their inkjet counter parts. They also produce very crisp text. Even the cheapest laser printer from ten years ago will print crisper text than the most high end Inkjet Printers today. You will save on toner in the long run with a couple of very few exceptions is cheaper than ink for refills.
• If you are going to print a lot of text, get yourself a laser printer, it will look way more professional and crisp and you will actually save money in the long run. If you are going to be printing photos and more often than just a month then an inexpensive entry-level colour Inkjet printer will produce much better results on a wider variety of different types of paper.

Q. How to solve common printing problems?

A. Here are some simple troubleshooting steps that you can take if your printer is not working properly. Hence you can get it fixed and get it back on with your day and you can reduce the amount of frustration that you have from printing problems. The four steps for troubleshooting include:

1. Check for error message
Look at the display of your printer and see if it says that its out of paper, out of toner, there is a jam or any such error. This could give you a really good idea of what’s the error and why your printer isn’t working.

2. Reboot the printer
If there is some issue with your network, you can reboot the printer and fix the issue concerned with your printer. Reboot the printing machine and see if it has started working.

3. Checking the print queue
If you are using Windows you can go to the “Devices and Printers” option and open up the printer you are printing with and go through the queue if anything is stuck, it will have error messages. You can delete those and get yourself going.

4. Delete and re-install
A lot of times issues with your printer could be solved with just deleting and re-installing your printer.
If nothing of these works, then you are left with two options, one that you can pick up the printer and throw it to the trash or dial on the Printer support customer care helpline number +1-877-916-7666. This helpline number connects you to the technical specialists at the Printer Support help centre who are highly skilled and trained and will resolve your issues with the best printer tech support possible.

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