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Some Commonly Asked Questions related to Internet Explorer Support

Q: How to fix Internet Explorer not opening issue?

A: If Internet Explorer is not opening on your Windows computer, this is what you can do to resolve the issue. First of all open up the Start menu and then type in Internet properties or Internet options. You will find Internet options just above the Control Panel. Left click on that and then left click on the advanced tab on the far right and then left click on the reset button underneath Reset Internet Explorer Settings. Then a window will pop up, click reset once again here. At the end of this, the issue might have solved in your computer. If it’s still not resolved, contact the Internet Explorer Tech Support by dialling on the Internet Explorer Tech support customer care number +1-877-916-7666.

Q: How to solve Internet Explorer error 404 webpage error?

A: If you are successfully connected to the internet but cannot view any web pages in Internet Explorer. Use the troubleshooting procedure, as appropriate for your operating system. Delete your browser history. Start Internet Explorer. On the Tools Menu, click on Internet Options. Under Browsing history click on Delete. Select all the check boxes, and then tap on Delete. Tap Exit and then restart Internet Explorer. Hopefully your issue will be resolved. If not talk to a technical expert at +1-877-916-7666 which is the helpline number of Internet Explorer tech support. The technical specialists of Internet Explorer Tech support centre will come up with the best Internet Explorer tech support possible.       

Q: How to disable add-ons in Internet Explorer?

A: Want to get rid of that Add on? Here is how you can disable add on in Internet Explorer. In order to do so go to Start and then click on All Programs. Click on Accessories then on System Tools and then click on Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).  To disable Add-ons in Add-on Manager, open Internet Explorer. Click on Tools button and then click on Manage Add-ons. Under Show, click on All Add-ons. Click on the Add-on you want to disable and then disable. Click on Close and then reset Internet Explorer. Start Internet Explorer, click on Tools, and then on Internet Options. Head towards the advanced tab and then tap on the Reset button.  

Q: How to contact Internet Explorer Tech Support? or what is the Internet Explorer tech support customer care helpline number?

A: Looking for proper assistance and the best Internet Explorer Tech support? Then there is nothing better than contacting the Internet Explorer Customer Support. You can get connected to the telephone customer service by dialling the Internet Explorer Tech Support customer care number which is +1-877-916-7666. The technical experts at Internet Explorer tech support are especially trained in order to assist you with the issues varying from smallest of all to the biggest of all. The best part is that the technical specialists of Internet Explorer Customer tech support are available round the clock, so as to be available for you whenever you need a help.  

Q: How to check if a third party service or program is conflicting with the Internet Explorer?

A: Want to check whether a third party service or program, is conflicting with Internet Explorer? Move to Start and type msconfig in the search box. Now you will have to click on the displayed System Configuration icon. Click on the Services tab and check the box beside Hide all Microsoft services, and then click on Disable All. The next thing you will need to do is to click on the Startup tab. Tap on the Disable All in the bottom right and then tap on OK. Now you will be prompted to reboot your computer.  In case of any technical queries or issues, call Internet Explorer Tech Support centre at +1-877-916-7666 and get the most prompt Internet Explorer assistance and tech support.

Q: How to import or export favourites in Internet Explorer?

A: Have you saved your favourites in your Internet Explorer over the years and want to import them to the Internet Explorer in your new system?  Here is how to export favourites in Internet Explorer and then import favourites back into Internet Explorer. Go ahead and open Internet Explorer. On the menu bar, click on the File and then tap on Import and Export. Then on the window that appears mark the option of Export to a File and then click on Next. Now a window opens which asks you what you would like to export. Mark the option of Favourites and then click on Next. Then comes the next window that asks you to select the folder that you want to export your favourites from and to where you want to export to. Click on Export and that’s all. For any solutions or aid to the technical issue related to your Internet Explorer call on +1-877-916-7666, the customer care number of Internet Explorer and get the best Internet Explorer tech support.

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