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Some Commonly Asked Questions Related to Windows Support

Q. How to contact the Microsoft Support customer help center?

A. From upgrading your Windows operating system, compatibility report issues to problems with notification options or download errors, if its relating to your Windows operating system, the problems and confusions could be solved in the most efficient manner possible by contacting the Windows Support help center. The windows support customer care center has got technical representatives who handle you and provide you with the best Microsoft Support possible. For doing so you got to dial +1-877-916-7666, the Windows Support customer helpline number. Address your issues and be relieved by the technical solutions offered by the Windows tech support.

Q. How to install Microsoft operating system on my PC?

A. The first step is to visit the Microsoft website and download Windows 10. On the website go ahead and click “Download” tool. To the box that opens, go ahead and hit “Run”. If you are prompted by the user account control asking you to allow the application to make changes, go ahead and click “yes”. Now after this you will be seeing the license terms which you need to “Accept”. Then choose “Upgrade this PC now” on the next page and then move ahead by clicking on “Next”. After a few moments, you will see a progress screen. Once that done you will see here the default setting that will keep all of your personal files and restore windows. Go ahead and click on “install” to start the installation process. The install will automatically proceed and while the process is ongoing, your PC may restart several times. Want to clear any confusion related to Microsoft? Talk to the technical specialist of Microsoft Support help center and get the best Microsoft Support possible by calling on +1-877-916-7666 which is the Microsoft support helpline number.

Q. What are the few things one needs to do before troubleshooting problems in the Windows Operating System?

A. There are a couple of things that you should check on your PC before you start. First thing to do is ensure that you are signed in with an administrative account. Next thing would be to unplug any external USB Peripherals except for your mouse, keyboards and your network cables before starting. Last would be if you have any third party antivirus software, please disable them or uninstall them to prevent them from interfering with the update. While doing this don’t forget to keep a backup copy of that third party antivirus program or a link from where you can re-download it. For more details about the do’s and don’ts on how to work with the Windows Operating system, you can contact the Windows Support team and connect with the Windows tech Support over phone simply by dialling the Windows Support +1-877-916-7666.

Q. How to configure settings on Windows operating system?

A. After you are done with the process of installation, mark ahead and select the account that you want to sign in with. Make sure the account you have has an administrative permissions and quickness. The page that comes up now will ask you to choose privacy settings for your device. If you wish to accept it, hit “Accept”. The next window will introduce you to “Cortana”. “Cortana” is your digital agent, and is a voice control virtual assistant. Microsoft Cortana will use the “Bing” search and data stored on your computer to make personalised recommendations. And hence you are all set! The in-place upgrade is now totally complete and you may now sign in. Need help for your Windows operating system? Get in touch with the well trained technical experts at the Windows Support help centre. For doing so just dial +1-877-916-7666, the Windows Support customer care number.

Q. Have you lost your bookmarks and favorites on your Windows operating system from your previous browser because you changed to a new browser?

A. If you are facing the above mentioned problem, this is what you need to do to resolve the issue. The first step should be to click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner and then in “settings” select “import favourites” from another browser and that will bring over all the previous applications browsing data from your previous browser. You will be up to speed in windows 10 now. If you are facing any other problem related to your Windows Operating System and want to get it solved as soon as possible, the best way would be to talk to the specially trained technical engineers at Windows Support. The technical experts at the Windows Support help centre respond to the customers in the most robust manner. All you have to do is call on Windows Support helpline number +1-877-916-7666 and in no time you will get the best Windows support possible.

Q. Is the low virtual memory allocation negatively affecting performance on your windows 10 operating system?

A. Do you feel that the low virtual memory allocation on your windows 10 negatively affects the performance of your operating system in general? Here is what you could do to adjust this issue. Open “control panel” and in “performance” setting select “adjust” the appearance and performance of windows. And then the de- select the “automatically manage paging file size” for all drives. From here you can choose a custom size and make changes as needed. Isn’t it as simple as ABC? But if you are stuck up in an issue on your Windows Operating System and have wasted hours but never got a solution, don’t worry. Since, the technical specialists at Windows Support help centre are available round the clock to hear to your issues and then to resolve your issues. For which you are just one call away. Why to cry more when you can call on the Windows Support customer care number +1-877-916-7666 and get the best Windows Support.

Q. How to get rid of the compatibility issues and bugs on Windows operating system?

A. This is the most common problem that one encounters when an operating system is very young which windows 10 is. So, if you have an application that is not running well this is what you should do. On your upgraded version of windows 10 operating systems right click on the “executable file clip-on” properties and then click on “compatibility” and select a previous year’s application like windows 7. Hence, your problem will be resolved! Until the creator of the application updates the app, you can enjoy using it this way. if you have any doubts, queries and confusions on your Windows Operating system, call on +1-877-916-7666, which is the customer helpline number of Windows Support.

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