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If you are fond of photography and keep clicking your smartphone to store your memories, it is a good idea to save your selected images in a physical form for posterity purposes.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to print your photos instantly and gift them to your friends as souvenirs? Well, Canon has come up with an answer for instant printing. Canon Ivy is a compact and handy mini photo printer that allows its users to print their favorite digital photos in paper form. This Canon product works seamlessly and with legendary Canon printer support, it becomes a handy tool in the hands of amateur photography enthusiasts.

Canon Ivy is a smarter option than a Polaroid camera as you are not dependent upon your fate for your photos to turn out great. You can click many photos with your smartphone and print only those that you think are great. It is a wireless printer that prints photos anywhere with the help of Bluetooth. You can print photos not just from your smartphone but also Facebook, Instagram, and any other platform to impress your friends. Once you have selected the photo, printing it on paper using this printer is a breeze. If you have any problems, you can also get help from Canon printer technical support.

There is no messing around with ink or cartridges when you are using Canon Ivy Mini Photo Printer. It is a clever printer that makes use of the same Zinc paper for printing that is used in Polaroid cameras. This means there is no buying ink or replacing of cartridges though you may be required to buy Zinc paper once it is used up from the tray inside this printer. The fact that Canon Ivy has no cartridge or tank for ink, it is also very compact and lightweight. You can carry this printer in a very convenient manner in your jacket pocket wherever you go. This means you can be a star at a party with friends by simply printing photos and handing them out to your friends.

There is no need to worry about the cost of a tray of Zinc paper. If you think about the hit and miss photos taken from your Polaroid camera earlier, you will find that printing photos with Canon Ivy actually proves cheaper. It is the smallest and the lightest printer form Canon. Importantly, it has many exciting features that you will not find in other miniature printers available in the market.  You can not only edit photos before printing but also add text and stickers to them. You can even draw on your photos before printing. With an adhesive behind photos, you can easily stick your printed photos on to any surface you desire.

Canon Ivy measures 4.7X3.2X0.7 inches. It is so small and thin that it can easily fit in your trouser pocket. It prints durable photos in which print does not fade away quickly. You can charge this printer in just 90 minutes and you are ready for your printing. 



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