Canon Printer Launches Image PROGRAF TA Series

Canon Printer

Canon, which is known for its wide variety of image printing solutions, recently introduced new Image PROGRAF TA series printers. These printers have been designed by the company to help marketers and advertising companies as they can now easily print on water resistant media. Outdoor signage is required to be water resistant to remain safe upon exposure to the elements. Image PROGRAF TA series printers make use of pigment ink instead of traditional printers that utilize dye ink. This, signage created using these printers can create posters that remain intact in the outdoors for a long period of time without being laminated. Canon printer support number can be contacted to get more information on these revolutionary printers.

One outstanding feature of this series of printers is their ability to print on papers of all sizes and that too borderless. This means there is no need to spend time and effort on cutting of the posters or signage after they have been printed. Also, both TA-20 (24”) and TA-30 (36”) are packed with Wi-Fi capabilities. This means users can print on these Canon printers from anywhere in the office to save their time and effort. Canon printer support service stands rock solid behind its customers to make these printers a real value for their money.

The TA series printers from Canon offer a highly cost effective printing solution to their owners through easy to use technology and wonderful software. This software allows for the designing and creation of professional quality posters without having any technical knowledge. It is seen that artists waste a lot of paper in the design of posters to be used as signage n the outdoors. But the special software of these TA series printers prevents this wastage and allows for easy designing without any wastage. These printers have a high level of productivity to be of great use for advertisers and marketers.

Image PROGRAF TA series printers are so fast that they can come up with a multicolor poster of size 24”X36” in as quickly as 27 seconds. It is this ability to print fast that makes these printers stand out from the rest of the printers being sold in the market. Both these printers are fitted with a unique air feeding system that makes sure the paper remains straight and no wrinkles or paper jams are encountered during the creation of posters.

Executive VP and GM of Canon, Shinchi Yoshida, has expressed happiness to launch a product that will help the company in emerging as a leader in the large format laser inkjet printing market. He added that the printers in this series provide a complete printing solution to customers as they come with a suite of ink and software that is complete in itself for seamless printing.

Contact a reliable Canon printer support number and you will be told that both printers in this series are shipped with 330 ml total ink. This is 164% more than a comparable HP printer and 157% more than a comparable Epson printer.



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