Chrome Browser: How Google is Planning to Make it Faster and Safer

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most popular browser in the country used by millions of individuals in their computers and smartphones. Users love its speed and the way it keeps them protected when surfing the net. They also like the speed with its loads even heavy web pages and the wide range of extensions they can enjoy along with this browser.  One thing in which Chrome gets beaten by its rival Mozilla Firefox is the number of interactive features the browser allows its users. Google Chrome browser has now come up with a plan to add many new features to compete with its rivals.

Google doesn’t seem satisfied with the tag of a safe and fast browser. It is aiming to make Chrome even faster and safer for its users. It is working on many new features to make sure that Chrome remains ahead of its rivals in terms of speed and security. Here are some of the important new features that Google is going to add to its popular browser.

Navigation suggestions for lookalike URLs

There is a tendency on internet to dupe people by presenting them with dummy websites having almost similar URL addresses to what they are trying to visit. By the time people realize their mistake, it is too late as they have already paid a visit to the dummy website. Google Chrome tech support will now identify these lookalike URLs and flag them so that the user does not waste his time and effort. This feature will be of great help for users who do not read the addresses carefully before clicking on them.

Beefed up security with Password Checkup

This is a new feature that alerts the user when a password of the user has been compromised. Once the user knows that his personal details can be leaked, he can quickly change his password to the website. This feature will enhance safety of users by telling them that there passwords are no longer safe.

Never Slow Mode

This is another feature that will make sure that even heavy web pages get opened up quickly without any wait time. This tool called Never Slow Mode trims down heavy web pages so that their fonts, images, and scripts get loaded quickly.

New API for extensions

To make sure that privacy of users is maintained and they enjoy a smooth performance of Google Chrome Browser, Google is planning a new API that will prevent ad blocking extensions form working freely.  Till now, the balance of power resided with extensions as they were free to block or even redirect requests made by users.But with the introduction of the new API by Google Chrome browser, these extensions will silently observe requests made by users. If a URL has to be blocked, this blocking will be done by the browser and not the extensions.

Users around the country are waiting for these new exciting features to experience an even faster and safer browser. They can learn more about these features by calling Google Chrome browser help centre.



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