Comcast Internet is Gaining Popularity Across the Country

Comcast Internet Support

Comcast Corporation is a telecommunications behemoth based in Philadelphia. It provides cable TV, telephone, and internet services to millions of households in 40 states and District of Columbia. With the trend of cutting the cord catching on with the consumers in most parts of the country, Comcast has also started to focus upon customers who are only interested in availing internet services. Comcast, which has adopted the trade name Xfinity for its services, has realized that people love the freedom and flexibility of watching the desired content on their devices whenever they want to. For this, they need just a fast internet connection. Comcast internet support provides these consumers the much needed source of nonstop entertainment.

Internet only plans from Comcast are very affordable

Comcast internet is not only fast but also very affordable. It is easily available in most parts of the country in the form of broadband connection in homes and commercial installations. Labeled Xfinity high speed internet, this service from Comcast has caught the imagination of the people all over the country.  Xfinity internet is available for the customers in many different plans that differ in different states. Starter plan makes available internet at a speed of 25 Mbps for a monthly charge of just $24.99. On the other hand, those desirous of very high speeds can opt for a plan costing $59.99 that offers speeds of 200 Mbps. In some areas, Comcast internet support is even offering gigabit internet to its consumers.

Even the entry plan is enough to watch loads of TV shows and movies

If you are one of those who wish to cut the proverbial cord of cable television, you need to have internet speed of 6-8 Mbps to be able to watch content on your device without any interruptions. The speed required may be even higher in the case of HD videos. But when you are getting a speed of 25 Mbps with the starter plan of Xfinity, you need not worry about any problems while streaming your favorite TV shows and movies on your tablet, phone, or computer.

You have to pay the monthly rent for their modem

Of course, this entry plan has a limit of 1 TB but it is huge to allow you to have nonstop entertainment during your leisure time. This limit means you can download 10 hours of high definition videos and still remain inside the limit at the end of the month. There is one catch though and that is the rental charged by the company for the model it supplies at the time of installation of broadband. The cost of this modem is around $80. If you pay $10 per month along with your monthly plan, your modem should be free after 10 months of use. However, if you want to save money, you can buy a supported modem from the market at a cheaper price. You can contact Comcast internet tech support to know the type of modem you need to buy to avail Xfinity service without any problems.



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