Comcast Internet Support Adds a New Security Feature

Comcast Internet

Xfinity is the brand name under which Comcast provides internet services to its customers all over the country. Comcast is a telecommunications giant based in Philadelphia and its internet services are loved by its customers because of their fast speed and reliability. Comcast internet support has recently added a new security feature in its service to monitor and protect users form malware and phishing websites.

Comcast has started this facility in Chattanooga for the time being and it will be expanded to rest of the country if it gets good response from the consumers. Called Xfinity xFi Advanced Security, this security feature will be available to all Comcast internet subscribers at a monthly charge of just $5.99. This additional security for Comcast internet users can be downloaded from the xFi app. It secures the internet connection provided by Comcast and all the connected devices in the household.

Comcast internet online support feels this new security feature will keep its subscribers protected from all kinds of malware as well as phishing sites that are accidentally visited by the members of the family. It will also block remote access to the devices connected through Comcast internet in a household. It will also monitor and report any suspicious activity on any device being used inside the subscriber’s household. 

Comcast has increased its consumer base considerably in recent year. It realizes its responsibility towards its subscribers using its internet plans. This is the reason it has offered this extra security feature to them at a nominal price. A vast majority of Americans today use smartphones and tablets to access internet and they do not have a keyboard or a large screen to do anything to keep them secure when browsing the web. According to Symantec, a world leader in making internet security suites, instances of malware attacks on digital devices have increased by 5 times in just one year from 2016 to 2017.

According to Comcast, there are many internet service providers in the country but Xfinity has become a preferred choice of millions of households in the last few years because of amazing Wi-Fi speeds, large coverage, and better controls provided to the consumers. The latest security feature xFi does all the work on its own and just informs the users about the threats it has blocked from the net. It has a clean, easy to use interface and users can learn how to further secure their devices when accessing the web using Comcast Internet.

Users of xFi security platform get a dashboard that enables them to set up a home network consisting of all connected devices. This dashboard has parental controls that allow parents to restrict Wi-Fi access to the devices being used by kids during lunch time or bed time. They can also use this dashboard to learn about the activities on all the devices making use of Comcast internet in the household. The dashboard can also be used to troubleshoot common issues in the broadband connection.

With xFi security platform, Comcast internet support hopes to add many new consumers to its subscriber base.



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