Comcast: Losing Cable Customers but Still Increasing Profits through Xfinity Internet

Comcast Internet Support

Comcast, a giant cable company in United States, has been losing its pay TV subscribers in large numbers in recent times. Despite its huge losses in this business, the company has been able to register unprecedented growth with the help of its internet service called Xfinity internet. Comcast internet support has been growing at a fast pace and the addition of millions of new subscribers in just a few years has allowed the company to show increased profits.

Comcast lost 370000 of its cable TV subscribers in 2018, a figure that was more than double of 151000 lost subscribers in 2017. But the addition of more than 1.35 million Xfinity internet subscribers meant that Comcast was able to absorb all these losses and still post a profit in the 4th quarter of 2018. The company declared revenue of $27.8 billion in this period which reflects earnings of 64 cents on a share. This beat even the expectations of the experts at Wall Street who were predicting earnings of 62 cents on a share by the company. These brilliant results shown by Comcast are a direct result of all its investment and the efforts pumped into brand restructuring as Xfinity. It is also a direct result of terrific online Comcast internet support being provided by the company to its subscribers.

The losses suffered by Comcast in its cable TV service are seen as a result of growing popularity of Netflix around the country. More and more numbers of customers around U.S are cutting their cable connections as they are lured by cheaper and more versatile streaming services offered by Netflix. Comcast is gearing up to face this onslaught by offering its own streaming services through its NBC Universal division.

Despite losing a whopping 29000 cable TV subscribers in the last quarter of 2018, Comcast is hopeful that will be able to make up for these losses through its Xfinity internet service. Comcast internet tech support has given a big boost to the fortunes of the company by adding millions of new subscribers in the last few years. It has allowed Comcast to become the largest internet service provider in homes across the country. According to some sources, Comcast has emerged as the largest internet provider in the U.S with more than 40% share of the home internet market.

Comcast has been able to entice customers with its triple play services where subscribers can enjoy not just internet but also cable TV as well as telephone service form the company at affordable prices. At present Comcast Xfinity service is available to customers in more than 40 states and District of Columbia. Savings accrue when customers opt for triple play service though there is a basic internet alone plan form the company that allows consumers to get fast speed internet on all their devices for just $29.99 per month. There is an additional charge of $11 in the form of modem rental. However, consumers can avoid this charge if they buy their own modem from the market which costs around $80.



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