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To simply put, a device which helps us to generate hard-copies on paper with the help of stored electronic data in the computer is called a printer.

Printers play an important part in our day to day’s personal and official activities. Whether it is about printing an official report or it is about printing a beautiful collage, a printer and its quality are the first things that you concern about.

For every need, there are different kind of printers, which are ranging wide in sizes, costs, quality, and functionality to name a few. These printers are also having printer helpline numbers where a dedicated team of experts is ready to deploy their expertise.

Here in this post, we have consolidated the names of famous types of printers which work on different technology and caters different requirements.

  1. Dot Matrix Printers

It is a well-known computer printer that prints texts and graphics with the help of microscopic dots that forms our desired shapes. Although it is a costly printer, yet it has the best printer help center.

Dot matrix Printer Support

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  • It prints rapidly from 50 to 500 characters per second.
  • Produces quality output.
  • It uses ribbon for ink.
  1. Inkjet Printers

These printers are mostly used in small-scale offices and at home. These are not only cost effective but also assures quality printing delivery. It works on the mechanism of spraying. The ink pumps out from the printer’s nozzle in the vaporized form and falls on the paper in a specific pattern.

Inkjet Printer Support Number

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  • The print quality is amazing and mostly counted on Pages Per Minute (PPM) basis. PPM depends on the quality of print you choose.
  • Quality is determined by Dot Per Inch (DPI). More DPI means higher quality.
  • For ink, it uses ink cartridges.
  • The best part is, you can easily find inkjet printer technical support services near your periphery.
  1. Laser Printers

The laser printers are the synonym of the superior quality printing. To simply put, the laser printers use the light of laser beam to imprints texts and images onto the paper. It’s working is similar to that of a photocopy machine. The cost per page in laser printers comes less when compared to inkjet printers. The laser printers are also boasted with best printer support team for 24×7.

Printer Support Number

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  • It also delivers output on the PPM basis.
  • Quality of a print is determined by Dot per inch.
  • For ink, the printer uses Toner Cartridges.

 Apart from above discussed, following are some other prominent types of printers, that are as important than other printers to suffice specific need.

  • Photo Printer

Evident to its name, this kind of printer is used to print supreme quality photos.

  • Dye-Sublimation Printer

It is mostly used in the process of printing on plastic card, printer paper, and poster paper.

  • Thermal Printer

When a heated thermal print heads cross over the thermal paper, it produces an image that you desire.

  • Plotter

This kind of printer is mostly used to print large posters & docs.

  • 3 D Printers

As its name goes, it is famous for printing 3D objects.

  • Wireless Printers

It works on wireless technology such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Infrared.

  • All in One Printer

It is a multi-functional printer that can also do fac, make photocopies and do the scanning.



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