Do you know about these amazing Amazon Prime Video features?

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Amazon Prime is undoubtedly the most popular and most watched streaming service at the moment. With content that is award winning, Amazon Prime Video has encouraged millions of TV viewers to cut the cord of their cable TV. It is being telecast in 200 countries around the world, making it a tough competitor to Netflix. Also, the wonderful Amazon Prime Video support makes this streaming service the most loved one in millions of households. Here are some of its truly wonderful features if you are new to Amazon Prime service.

You can download content to watch it later

Are you crazy about the dramas and series telecast on Amazon Prime Video and cannot miss them even when you are moving on a train or flying in the skies? If yes, then there is a download button that allows you to watch the content later when you are free. You can even go for a stroll and your device will notify you when the download is complete.

You can share your membership with your friend or loved one

Amazon realizes the importance of sharing. It also knows it will help the company in obtaining new customers. This is why the company allows a Prime subscriber to share his membership with one adult of his choice. Member can choose 4 kids in place of an adult to share the content. There is no additional fee to be paid to Amazon Prime as you share your subscription and your friend watches it on his device. To avail this feature, set up Amazon Household account and then add the adult of your choice to allow him to watch Amazon Prime Video on his device.

You can use parental control to decide what can be viewed by kids

If you have small or growing up kids at home and do not want them to see adult content on your Amazon Prime Video, you can make use of parental controls. You can do it on your own and do not need to make use of online Amazon Prime Video support. You can choose a 5 digit PIN to decide which of the programs you do not want your kids to watch in your absence. Anyone without access to this PIN will not be able to watch the specified content on Amazon Prime Video service in your household. Create your Amazon PIN by going to Parental Control under Amazon Settings tab.

Get inside information about actors and movies       

Did you know that IMDB is actually owned by Amazon? There is a feature called X-Ray in Amazon Prime Video that allows users to get inside information about movies, actors, events, filmmakers, and music. All this is authentic information that is sourced from IMDB by Amazon. Just carry your mouse to the icon of X-Ray or tap the screen to get detailed information about any actor or movie if you so desire. This feature becomes invaluable when you are watching a movie or drama and you have a strong desire t know more about the actor or the director.



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