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If you sense your credit card details have been leaked, the first step you take is to block the card with the help of your bank. But what do you do when your personal details have been hacked on internet. Like most other individuals, you share your name, date of birth, address, and phone number when signing up with your favorite websites. How do you ensure your safety when you find that your personal information has been breached? You cannot change your social security number, name, or date of birth, can you? To help individuals like you facing data breach, Norton antivirus has come up with a unique service called LifeLock. You can learn more about this service by talking to a reliable Norton antivirus support number.

You can easily block identity theft risk by using LifeLock VPN service provided by Norton antivirus. This VPN comes handy when you are making use of a public Wi-Fi and surfing the web. This VPN service comes free of cost for the customers when they buy Norton antivirus from the company. So far, nearly 142 million cyber threats have been nullified by Norton using this technology. LifeLock is a wonderful technology that continuously monitors you when you are surfing on internet. If any threat to your online identity is detected by LifeLock, the company sends an alert to the customer using email, text message and even on his phone through a call voice. You will be surprised to know that LifeLock can detect if anyone anywhere uses your identity to secure payday loans or applies for a credit card using your identity. Norton antivirus support service remains vigilant all the time and helps in preventing any financial loss to its customer by sending alerts.

This is not all as LifeLock has its identity restoration agents who work upon any case of identity theft and rest only when it is resolved. In fact, these agents will also get you reimbursement for any money that has been stolen by hackers using your identity. All they need is your authorization and they will contact merchants, banks, and grocery stores if any fraud has been committed through your identity theft.

So good is this VPN service from Norton that one should also download and install its mobile app in his smartphone. If you have this app in your smartphone, you will get an alert or notification from the company instantly even when you are on the move.

There are many interesting feature of this mobile app from Norton antivirus. In addition to alerts, it also enables you to report any suspicious activity that comes to your notice. You can also call up the company to report such activity if it is an emergency. Other important features of LifeLock mobile app are court records scanning, dark web monitoring, and alerts for investment account activity.

The monthly charges for using LifeLock mobile app are $9. This is not a big amount to pay for all kinds of benefits it brings to you. If you are interested in buying a family plan, you can dial Norton antivirus support number to learn the details.



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