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There is a big trend of cutting the cord of the cable television all over the country. What do you do after cutting the cord? Which streaming service do you subscribe? There are so many streaming services with their own original series and thousands of hours of TV shows. One of these is Amazon Prime, a streaming service that has become a household name because of its original series like Jack Ryan, Homecoming, and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Like Netflix, solid Amazon Prime support is making it extremely popular among the audiences.

If you are not satisfied with these original series and the thousands of hours of TV shows and want more, Amazon Prime allows you to add more channels to your list if you are ready to pay a small additional monthly subscription fee. Do you know you can watch not just some very popular HBO shows but also CBS and Showtime? What is more, you can also watch the entire MLB season 2019 by adding MLB TV to your Amazon Prime video subscription.

Is it really worthwhile to add these channels to Amazon Prime or is it better to subscribe separately to them? What do you do about other popular streaming services like Apple TV and Netflix?

Prime video subscribers can add on other channels to their subscription. Once you add these channels to your Prime subscription, it is possible for you stream their TV shows on just your smart TV but also to smartphones whether are Android or iOS. Of course, you can also watch them on Amazon devices like Fire TV and tablets made by Amazon. You cannot opt for these add-ons alone if you are not a subscriber of Amazon Prime video. Online Amazon Prime allows adding channels only if you are an existing prime subscriber.

If you are desirous for more, there are more than 100 channels that can be added with Amazon Prime subscription. These channels can be divided into different genres like Comedy, romance, kids, fitness, British, and so on.

One question that arises in the minds of Amazon Prime subscribers is whether they save any money by adding channels to their subscription or they are better off with standalone apps? The short answer is no. There is no saving on the part of the subscriber and he pays as much money as he would if he subscribes to different channels separately. For example, you still pay $14.99 for adding HBO Now to your Amazon Prime subscription which is what you pay if you subscribe to it as a standalone app. In fact, some channels actually give a discount if you pay their yearly subscription rather than opting for a monthly subscription. Another problem with these standalone apps is that one can add them to his Amazon Prime video subscription as monthly subscription only.

The only exception is MLB TV for which you pay $118.99 for the entire season. This is nearly a saving of $31 if you pay monthly subscription for MLB TV. However, there are reports that Apple TV subscription might prove cheaper if it is added to Amazon Prime video subscription.



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