Facebook Invests in Solar Energy to Meet its Goal of 100% Renewable Energy Company By 2020

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Facebook, the giant social networking platform is a tech giant that consumed nearly 3.4 gigabytes of energy for its operations last year. Remarkably, 75% of these consumed energy was renewable in nature. The company is inching closer to its goal of 100% renewable by the year 2020. Towards the realization of this goal, Facebook has invested around $416 million in a solar farm in Andrews County in Texas. It is the first direct investment of Facebook in a renewable energy project. With Facebook support, Prospero Solar project has already commenced in Andrews County in Texas.

This solar farm will allow Facebook to meet its goal of 100% renewable energy

Spread over an area of 4600 acres, this solar farm will produce 379 megawatts of energy, electricity that would be sufficient to power nearly 300000 homes. Most of the energy produced by this solar farm will be used up by Facebook through some of the output will be purchased by Shell for the purpose of reselling the energy.

Peter Freed, energy strategy manager of Facebook, said that the company is elated to be one of the very few companies to directly invest in renewable energy to meet its energy demands. Facebook is not the only tech company to have switched to renewable energy as Google and Apple are already using credits to offset their traditional energy consumption. Both Apple and Google have long term plans to switch to renewable energy. In fact, many of Apple’s suppliers have already switched to clean, green energy.

Peter Freed further added that Facebook is proud and happy at the same time to have helped in the set up of this huge solar farm in Texas. He exuded hope that this new initiative by the company will encourage many more companies to set up solar farms to meet their energy needs. The fact that this energy project will generate $21 million in property taxes is in itself a remarkable takeaway for the government and the society at large.

Paying back to the society

This is not all as this renewable energy project is also expected to generate hundreds of jobs that will include constructions jobs as well as jobs for the operation of the facility once it is complete. Throughout its life that is expected to be around 20 years, this project from Facebook will pay out $23 million in wages to the employees looking after this solar farm.

This massive solar farm is a clear example of Facebook’s commitment towards the environment and the society at large. Facebook online support is not limited to enriching the lives of its millions of customers as the company is actively involved with building the economy of the country as well.

Facebook head of global energy feels that this project is not just good for the community and the world at large but it also makes sound business sense. Switching entirely to renewable energy will help the company in reducing its carbon footprint in a drastic manner. Facebook is a part of the community and this project gives the company an opportunity to support this community.



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