Facebook rechristened as Meta


Facebook has been a pioneer and also one of the leading social media platforms. Mark Zuckerberg recently surprised the world by announcing that Facebook will now be called Meta. Social media experts are speculating as to what the motive behind this change of name could be. People all over the world have searched about Metaverse in the last few days and it has become one of the most popular search terms.

Facebook lovers are wondering why their favorite social media platform is being forced to change its name. They are busy making wild guesses. Many are trying to find out what Meta means and what does it stand for in the context of social media. If one looks up for the word Meta on Oxford dictionary, he finds that it means transformation or change. Another meaning given in the dictionary is beyond, at a higher level, or above.

If one goes by the version of the company, it is clear that it equates Meta with beyond. But it is clear that Facebook is seeking some kind of a metamorphosis. It is common knowledge that Facebook has lots a bit of its sheen and popularity in recent times. It is also losing its active members by a sizeable number. Is this change of name a ploy by the company to avoid negative image and comments circulating in the press and digital media? Experts believe that a simple name change cannot get rid of the systemic issues that have been plaguing the company in the last few years.

Even if one is not sure about the reason why Facebook decided to change its name, it is clear that this move is primarily aimed at the future. Facebook says that Meta signifies the future direction of the company. It also indicates the kind of image that the company is trying to create for itself.  However, there is no dearth of analysts who doubt if the public has any faith or trust in the new vision of Facebook announced by Mark Zuckerberg.

Meta is a word that is included in Metaverse. Many believe that the vision shared by the company with the public is deeply associated with this bigger word. Metaverse is an imaginary world where the thin line dividing the real and the world of internet converge. It is the way people will be using the web in future. In the words of Zuckerberg, people will have the freedom to connect with friends and be present in their offices without commuting in person.

It may be a far-fetched thing in future but many of those who have attended conferences and attended offices sitting in their homes during Covid-19 can connect with this idea. There are also the lovers of virtual reality games like Second Life who can easily relate with this concept.

However, Facebook’s idea of Meta is not a virtual world but a novel 3D space that people will be able to access in different ways. It is more like augmented reality where people stay in the real world but still have the ability to connect with others in different places around the globe.



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