Fenix is the browser from Mozilla Firefox for Android devices

Felix Browser

Mozilla had announced that it is working on a new browser for Android devices. Today, the preview of its new browser for Android devices, called Fenix, was made available for download. Fenix will eventually replace the old Classic Firefox that was used as a browser in Android devices. Mozilla Firefox support has worked hard upon improving user experience in this new browser. It has introduced a new interface that aims to make it easier and more convenient for the customers.

Very few Android users installed Firefox Classic on their devices and it was mostly ignored by the people. With Fenix, the company has tried to provide users with an altogether new browser rather than trying to improve its existing browser. It is clear that the company is as excited with Fenix as it thinks users will be. It said that Mozilla is no newcomer to the world of browsers and it has given some web browsers to the people that have proved to be game changers.

Fenix is the fastest Android browser created by Mozilla till date. Built on a platform called Geckoview and carrying the much touted Mozilla Firefox online support, Fenix is expected to become very popular among Android users in future. The developer community at Mozilla has worked on every aspect of this new browser right from ease of use and security to the privacy and control of the customers.

To be able to use this brand new browser, one needs to go to Play Store and sing up with the testing program of Mozilla to become eligible for download and installation. If you happen to be a developer and wish to become a part of the development process of this new browser from Mozilla Firefox, you are most welcome to join the beta testing event of the company.

When you use this new browser form Mozilla, you will notice that it is much faster than its predecessor. This is because it runs on a new engine and Mozilla has also worked on tab management to speed up the new browser. Fenix also enjoys a very sleek and modern look compatible with other modern browsers for Android available in the market. It comes packed with a dark mode to give customers a very nice and soothing for the eyes experience when browsing the web in the dark.

Fenix has a smooth scrolling experience and it feels really fast. Customers complained about the earlier browser from Mozilla being slow and outdated. It is not surprising that the company has gone into all the complaints about the previous browser and tried to find fixes for all the problems. Mozilla has experimented by brining the navigation bar down to the bottom of the screen. This move is being appreciated by the customers as they find it easier to type the addresses of websites.

Mozilla Firefox tech support will listen to the comments and remarks made by actual users on various forums and then introduce more changes in Fenix later on. It is clear that the company is in no mood to leave the field wide open for Chrome browser.



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