Firefox Gearing Up to Take on the Might of Google in 2020

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Firefox is a very popular browser from Mozilla used by millions of individuals around the country. It is loved for its amazing speed and security features. Mozilla came out with Firefox Quantum in the year 2017 which was the biggest update for the browser in more than a decade. Since then, Mozilla has shown a casual approach to the policies of other browsers towards the security and privacy of the users. But things are going to change very soon. Firefox support is now visible in the browser and they show how serious Mozilla is towards the safety and privacy of its users.

People across the country have seen how their personal information and sensitive details got compromised in Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal. Realizing the concerns of its users, Firefox support has launched an extension called Facebook Container. This extension prevents Facebook from collecting the data if Firefox users when they are browsing other websites.

Another new feature introduced by Firefox is termed as Firefox Send. This is a feature that shows the concern of Mozilla towards its users who often complain about the security of their files when uploading them on the web. Firefox Send makes it possible for the users to send their files in a highly secure manner.

Firefox has also come out with its support for the users who face difficulties in managing their passwords for various websites. Firefox Lockwise is a wonderful feature that stores and manages all the passwords of its users. These users do not need to store their passwords in a file inside their computers to keep on worrying about the safety of these passwords. Firefox Lockwise will not look after the safety of the passwords of its users.

This is not all as online Firefox support is also ready to prevent all sorts of advertisers form tracking your browsing behavior with the help of its feature called Advanced Tracking Protection. These advertisers learn about the browsing behavior of the users on the basis of their fingerprints that are left behind. They are able to do this with special programs that depend on the hardware of your computer. Now, Firefox Advanced Tracking Protection will make sure that you do not leave behind any fingerprint for these advertisers to pick up.

To help its users deal with a breach scandal like Cambridge Analytica scandal, Firefox has introduced an innovative feature called Firefox Monitor. This feature allows Firefox users to check whether their data has been breached in any data leak scandal.

Mozilla is concerned with the issues of not only desktop and laptop users but also all those who browse on Firefox on their Android smartphones. The company has come up with Firefox Preview, a browser meant for Android customers. It is built on Mozilla’s own engine called Gecko. This means that this browser will not serve the interests of Google when Android smartphone owners use it for browsing the web.

All these features indicate the aggressive manner in which Firefox is planning to take on Google and other browsers in 2020.



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