Get ready for a flip design foldable iPhone from Apple


Apple and Samsung have been working on unique foldable smartphones for a very long time. From the side of Apple, rumours are doing rounds that the company will introduce its foldable iPhone sometime in 2022. Apple has fallen behind in this race of concept design as Motorola and Samsung have already released their foldable concept smartphones. It is therefore only natural for loyal customers of Apple to get at least inside news on the progress achieved by the company on this front. Apple support has kept mum on foldable iPhone until now. It is only the reports from reliable designers that are credible sources of information for Apple fans.

On the basis of these leaks published in the form of sketches and photos, it can be said that Apple is probably working on a flip design for its foldable iPhone slated to debut in 2022. Imagine having a small iPhone that you open and the screen gets divided into two halves with the upper half carrying the clock and the lower half carrying the home button. With nothing coming out of Apple help so far, it is prudent to assume that the company wants to surprise the customers with a revolutionary new design of its foldable iPhone.

If one combines various leaks available over internet, he gets the clue that the foldable iPhone will have an OLED screen and it will boast a notch just like the iPhones customers are using right now.

Technizo, the developer who has proved right on many previous occasions, has claimed that the concept iPhone will be fitted with a camera system that is very similar to what is there in iPhone 12 Pro. However, this claim appears to be dubious as no one can say anything with certainty about the features of a phone that is 2 years away from its launch. Apple support number is also not giving any clue in this respect. It is a fact that phone cameras would become more advanced and packed with many new features in two years’ time. Still, from the looks of the flip design of the foldable iPhone as presented by Technizo is very commendable.

One exciting feature of the foldable iPhone to be released in 2022 is a small display at the back of the set. It is not clear what will be the size of this display but it will certainly be a first in the world of smartphones where a set has a small display on its rear. However, this display will most probably be used for incoming notifications. One cannot expect too much with such a small display at the rear.

One thing that is clear is that Apple is indeed working hard on the design of its first foldable smartphone. Foxconn, the company that manufactures iPhones and iPads for Apple has conducted many tests on concept designs to ascertain their durability. Going by the lukewarm response given by consumers to the foldable smartphones introduced by other companies, Apple is not placing too many stakes on its foldable phone.




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