Google Chrome Support makes it the most Popular Browser of the World

Google Chrome made its debut thirteen years ago in 2008. At that time, it had a market share of less than 1% with more than 60% people using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and more than a third of the population of the world relying on Mozilla Firefox. Today, Chrome is the favorite browser of more than 41% population around the world and it is being used on more than 60% of the devices. Chrome is a fast and lean browser that is loved by the consumers because of its wonderful safety features. No one can deny that Google Chrome support has made it the number one browser of the world.

The situation has changed dramatically in the last thirteen years. While Internet Explorer has lost the confidence of the people, Firefox has been losing its consumer base consistently. Microsoft has come up with Edge that is estimated to be used by 171 million people. The numbers stand at 181 million for Firefox while Apple Safari is believed to be the most preferred browser of 944 million users. The rest of the space has been occupied by Google Chrome with an estimated 3.2 billion users. Atlas VPN has put this number of Chrome users at 3,25,82,56,887 users. Safari is the closest competitor of Chrome but it is a distant second. Fast and efficient Google Chrome online support is the main reason behind the love and support Chrome is getting form the customers as a browser.

If you are a new user or if you have switched to Chrome from any other browser, you must have noticed how fast this browser really is. It opens results page within an instant and is loaded with exciting features that make a surfing session happy and interesting. It is clear that Chrome support team has been working overtime to add to the consumer base of this browser. Chrome 91 is already out which means that developers at Google are trying their best to come up with new version packed with exciting features for the benefit of the consumers.

If you ask any Chrome user, he would tell you that this browser uses very few resources of the system. It also leaves behind very little hardware footprint. It is not that Apple and Microsoft have not worked on their browsers. In fact, Safari and Edge eat up even fewer resources than Chrome and they are also lean and fast. But both these browsers are far behind Chrome in terms of popularity among the users. A lot of credit for this popularity goes to the members of Google Chrome support team.

Chrome is the default browser on all Android devices just as the browser for Apple devices is Safari. One thing that can be said about Chrome is that users can save their passwords and bookmarks on Chrome without any worries as it is the safest and secure browser on the horizon. Just dial 1-844-249-4536 from wherever you are across the country and get quick and reliable resolution of your problem related to Google Chrome. This is a toll free number of Assistance for All, the most popular and highly trusted Google Chrome support agency.



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