Google Chrome Support Starts Rolling Chrome 91

Google’s Chrome browser has become the most loved browser around the world with Apple Safari being a distant second on the horizon. There is a strong reason why customers love this browser that is fast and lean on resources of the system. Google Chrome support has ensured a browser which allows users to be free from the worries of their safety and privacy as it is packed with the latest and most advance features. If you are using Google Chrome as your browser in your devices, you can rest assured of a fast and pleasant surfing experience on the web.

Google has recently launched a new version of its Chrome browser. It is referred to as Chrome 91 and it is packed with new and exciting features and functionalities. One reason why Chrome has won the confidence and trust of the users is that it has been upgrading the browser according to the desires and requirements of its consumers. Of late, the Google Chrome support team has been working overtime as it is launching new version of Chrome almost after every one month.

Chrome 91 has been released for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Its rolling is expected to be complete in the next few weeks. This new version of Chrome is full of new features for Android smartphones and tablets. At the same time, it contains many bug fixes and improvements for other platforms such as Linux and Windows. One interesting feature of Chrome 91 is that it can load desktop websites on tablets instead of mobile websites. Of course the device screen size should be large enough to permit display of desktop websites.

If you are using Chrome 91 on your iOS device and about to visit a known phishing website, the browser will sound alert to keep you safe. Google Chrome support has worked really hard on Chrome 91 in the sense that it is not just a new version of Chrome browser but also works to introduce improvements in Chrome operating system in new and innovative ways.

It has not been a long time since the release of Chrome 91 but customers have already given it thumbs up as it comes with many improvements and bug fixes that were giving sleepless nights to users of various operating systems.  For example, Tab Search has been improved by showing last few websites visited by the user in every new page opened by him. You don’t need to type the URL of the website closed recently as you can do ti with a single click now.

Earlier Chrome versions had copy paste functionality but it was not so simple and quick as it has been made in Chrome 91. For example, you only need to click Ctrl +C to copy and Ctrl +V to paste a file with your email when using Chrome 91. Do you know you can now follow your favorite websites? Yes, Google Chrome support has added this feature to Chrome 91 so that you can get new updates from different websites whenever they publish new content. This new content is made available on Following section in the new tab in your browser.



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