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E-mail which is popularly known as electronic mail is an indispensable part of our day to day business activities.Every government, semi-government and private sector uses e-mail as an official and mode of communication.What was once the method of using the shared files to pass messages, is now the biggest mode of communication globally and is backed-up by the best email support services.

Introduction of E-Mail

Before we proceed ahead, let us take yourself back a few decades back and learn how and when the emails came into existence. The reference of the mail was found in 1965 on MIT’s computer under the program namely – The Mailbox. With the help of this mailbox program, a computer user can leave a message on the computer while logging off. This message would be seen by the next person who logged on to the computer.

Evolution of E-Mail and Its Mediums

Until now the electronic message or email transaction was limited to one computer and multi-user functionality. But in the year 1969 with the introduction of ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) which we today call the internet, has opened the gateways of opportunities to connect numerous computers through a single network. Now, we are able to send the electronic messages across different computers.

Thus, on 29th October 1969 first electronic message was sent from one computer to another computer within the same network in the history of the mankind.

E-Mail – The Inception of New Era

The time pass and with that has evolved the use of ARPANET. In the year 1971, renowned pioneering American computer programmer,  Raymon Samuel Tomlinson has implemented the very first email program using ARPANET’s network.

The concept of sending messages across numerous computers was highly praised and spread like a grapevine.

Sending messages was still a complex process and came to email technical support into the existence.

Solving The Complexities With the “@”

People were enjoying this new mode of communication, but there was one problem. While sending messages from one computer to another, how can one decide to which computer the message was intended to?

Tomlinson then solved the problem with the discovery of the sign of – @. It helps people to address mail in the simplest way.

E-mail and it expansion

It was the year 1976 and by now electronic mail has taken over more than 75% of traffic on ARPANET and it has become the most popular and widely used technology to send messages from one to another computer.

The programmers are now ready to take this technology to a new level. Hence, came the idea of developing a technology with the help of which one can send messages through electronic mail to a computer outside of the internal network.

They say the necessity is the mother of invention. With the need for developing a system to communicate from one to another network, led to the creation of a software that can store and organize all such email.

Thus came the forefather of today’s modern email inbox.

Emerging of Email Hosting Site

By 1980’s ARPANET started known as the internet and various Internet Service Providers (ISP) started emerging with the aim to connect people across the globe.

It became a huge revolution. The internet technology is about to expose to its golden age. With the emergence of ISPs, various e-mail hosting sites started popping up.

A decade later in 1993, the term electronic mail was replaced by “email”.

By now, the use of the internet had become more widespread. Companies such as Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. started benefiting internet users by making expose more to the realm of the World Wide Web.

Email since 1997

Internet users which were 55 million in 1997 exploded to 400 million by 1999. Since then the internet users are increasing rapidly every year. According to a survey, by 2017, Asia became the region with most numbers of internet and email users with 48% of world’s population. Thus, having maximum email help centres in this region is also obvious.

Today emails are the primary and necessary mode of communication especially between two organizations or different persons representing different organizations.

The future for emails and email helpline is bright for sure.

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