How is Apple going to perform in the New Year?

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2022 was a tough and unpredictable year for Apple. The company faced tough measures from the regulatory authorities on the one hand and barely managed to deal with supply chain obstacles caused by Covid-19 restrictions in China.On top of these problems was the cold response from the customers to its latest smartphone iPhone 14.  Apple iPhone support was the only silver lining in the dark clouds on the horizon. Apple hopes 2023 to be much better than 2022 so that it is able to fulfill the expectations of its investors and loyal consumers.

It is not a secret that Apple has been working on a virtual reality headset for a long time. With Facebook investing billions in the metaverse, Apple has no other option but to go ahead full throttle in this direction. Although the company might not be able to release its VR product in 2023, fans are hoping they will get a teaser for the things to come at WWDC this year. There is nothing official on this front from Apple’s customer care number so far. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg says the new headset from Apple could see the light of day by the end of 2023. 

Apple may be a tech giant but even most loyal fans believe that the company has not done anything noteworthy since the demise of its founder Steve Jobs. No path-breaking product in a new category has emerged from the stables of the company under the leadership of Tim Cook. Even if Apple comes out with its VR headset in near future, there is no guarantee it will be a massive hit. The technology remains untested and Apple finds Meta and HTC ready to give it tough competition in this field.  Mark Zuckerberg believes it would take a decade for a sound ecosystem to be developed for the success of its Metaverse. Apple is relying heavily on its robust Apple helpline to tackle a barrage of questions and doubts from customers across the world. 

It’s not that 2022 was a total flop for Apple. The company launched Mac Studio and MacBook Pro this year. But even the diehard fans of the company did not show the kind of response that the company was expecting from them. Surely, Apple’s plans were badly hurt because of the hurdles in the supply chain. But even the company knows that it has become late in launching the new Mac Pro. There was some good news on the audio front for the company. The latest AirPod, Air Pods Pro2 was launched this year, and it was lapped up by the customers. Obstacles in the supply chain notwithstanding, Apple iPhone support is determined to introduce the all-new iPhone 15 in 2023 to its millions of customers around the world. 

Another mystery product that loyal fans are patiently waiting for is the iPhone 15 Ultra. According to the insiders, this premium quality smartphone will be expensive and it will be a delight for photography enthusiasts with its zoom photography periscope technology. 



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