How Protection Layers Of Norton Antivirus Work?

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The online security issue is becoming a major reason for concern. The technology has reached the next level of evolution.

This technological evolution is boosted by the increase in the use of Internet service.

Internet must have solved our various problems, but on the same hand it has also given rise various threats and problems,

One of the most threatening things in the present time is Virus.

Viruses make our computer, smartphones, and other devices vulnerable to internet thieves. Due to viruses, there is a continuous threat of leaking our confidential data, id, passwords, etc.

Here’s come the need of Norton Antivirus. It is a prominent internet security program which is backed-up by stellar Norton Antivirus Technical Support services.

Norton is not merely an antivirus, but a program with multiple-layer of protection. These layers will protect your computer and other devices from the attack of malware, ransomware, Trojans, and various other malicious programs.

In this post, we are going to understand the layers of protection and their functionalities which is offered by Norton Antivirus.

1. Norton Protection Layer 1 = Network

The first layer of protection is a concern with Firewall and Intrusion Prevention. It is related to the security related to the network-level. Under this Norton analyze all the incoming data, check the possibilities of malicious traffic and block the threat as and when found.

2. Norton Protection Layer 2 = File

Evident to its name, this layer of protection is basically based on the protection of file in your system. The antivirus eliminates all malware present in the files located on your system. It will give your file protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, bots, rootkits, etc.

3. Norton Protection Layer 3 = Insight

The third layer of protection of Norton is purely based on the reputation score. Some call this layer, the reputation-based protection.

It is a cloud technology based protection. It correlates billions of linkages between the uses, files, and website.

It correlates to detect the threats which keep changing rapidly. The Insight by antivirus thoroughly checks and analyze the file’s health.

On the basis of its health, a file is assigned a reputation score. It reduces the scan of overhead.

4. Norton Protection Layer 4 = Sonar

Just like INSIGHT is a reputation based protection, the SONAR is based on the behavior.

This behavior-based protection engine is majorly benefited by the AI technology, which is Artificial Intelligence.

With the Artificial Intelligence, the protection layer provides zero-day protection.

With this layer of protection, one can effectively stop new threats by analyzing the behavior of 1,400 files during the time when the sefiles are executed in real time to determine the risk.

5. Norton Protection Layer 5 = Repair

The role of this layer is to stop threats to reach to the device. This layer is boosted as the Norton Power Eraser tool.

It is designed to detect all kinds of infection as well the root which brought the device onto the device in the first place.



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