HP Printer Support makes Company a Leader in WFH Environment

Prolonged lockdowns and other restrictions imposed in many countries across the world on account of Covid-19 pandemic may have destroyed many businesses in the last one year. But they have proved beneficial for printing solutions providers as a whole new breed of work from home (WFH) employees became a reality. This hybrid workforce worked as an engine of growth for HP Printers Inc. This fact has been confirmed by HP Printer support as well as Tuan Tran, the President of Printing and Imaging Solutions at HP.

Tuan Tran said that work from home is today a reality just as learn from home has become necessary for students and teachers around the world. One thing that this pandemic has taught us is that fact that learning and working can continue at the same speed and high quality printing solutions are necessary for such a revolution. The tenure of Tuan happened to be whole of 2020 that is being labeled as the worst year in decades for printing business by many experts. However, with strong presence in both workplace as well as home printing sectors, HP Printer tech support turned crisis into opportunity.

With a diversified range of printers already available for home users and home businesses, HP was quick to seize the opportunity presented by lockdown and work from home environment. Tuan made it sure that those working from home and learning from home were able to get printing products that addressed their needs. Another thing the company did was to make available ink subscription that was tailor made to suit the requirements of individuals working from home. In fact, the company introduced a whole new series called Laser Jet Enterprise printers that were perfectly matched to the needs of those working from home.

Tran says that the philosophy of HP Printer support about a work place has changed with the advent of Covid-19 and the forced work conditions that have emerged because of this pandemic. A workplace post Covid-19 is more of a place for collaboration and working in tandem with WFH employees than the rigid 9 to 5 office of yesteryears. HP Printers realized the changed scenario very quickly and shifted from large printing machines to printing solutions that were more compact and manageable for the users.

For example, HP Printer technical support quickly realized that its 500 series printers were bulky and not suitable for the new workforce working from home. This is the reason why the company quickly introduced 400 Enterprise series laser printers in the market. These printers were more compact with nearly 40% smaller size and lesser weight and also priced 40% less that large printers meant for small and medium sized physical offices. It was a clear signal that HP Printer was ready to adjust to the demands of a whole new class of customers working from home. This changed strategy is bearing fruits for the company now that work from home has become a reality for offices and businesses. The revolutionary new service of ink subscription has made life easier for this new breed of employees working from home.



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