HP Printers Vs Epson Printer – A Complete Comparison List

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Printers are very interesting machines. They help us turn our imagination into reality. Whatever we see on our screen, with the help of printers can actually have them into hard copy.

Today the functionality of printers are not merely related to the printer itself. With the advancement in technology, printers have become much more than just printing.

In the present time in the market, there are numerous companies offering the finest printers with great functionalities. From big to small, from inkjet to laser and from home printers to office use, a user is offered with a wide range of printers and printer tech support services.

Amidst all the companies that are available in the market, HP and Epson have emerged as two giants in the realm of technology.

Both hold a prominent market share and both play a cut-throat competition game to lure their customers and prospects.

Often called as all in one or multi-functional, the printers along with the printing functionalities also perform various tasks such as copying, scanning, fax and etc.

Some models in printers are even offering wireless connectivity which makes the printing experience for users a soothing one.

In short, the printing companies are not leaving any stone upturned to give an array of excellent functionalities to users.

So we can say purchasing a printer in the present time is not an easy deal. To solve this query we have come up with a detailed comparison list of the printers of HP and Epson which would help you select the most suitable printer of your choice.

Let’s proceed with our list:

  1. Text Quality of a Printer

For any user who is looking for a printer the first thing they see in any printer is the quality of print and which an obvious reason is absolute. In the race of giving the best clean and sharp printing, the printers of  Epson wins the race.

On the contrary, the HP printer’s tech support services are just incredible with the upscale quality service.

  1. The speed of Copy & Scan

The race between Epson and HP in terms of the speed of copying and scanning is quite close. Both are extremely powerful in terms of functionality.

But if you want to take a close look, it takes 24.2 seconds by HP printers to copy one page, on the other hand, Epson performs the same task in merely 11 seconds. The data is of black and white copying.

When you copy one color page, HP takes 35 seconds and Epson takes 28 seconds. Considering the color scanning, Epson again leads the race by scanning 1 page in 30 seconds.

  1. Cost of Ink

Refilling ink in the printers has always been a tricky task. We all always look for the ink which would be cost-effective as well as long-running.

Both HP and Epson are the giants of the printing world so it is obvious that ink quality that a user gets would be superlative. Yet there are micro differences between the ink prices of the printers of both the companies.

This time the ball falls into the court of HP, as Epson has the ink with the highest price. Where HP is offering cartridge in $37.99, on the other hand, Epson is charging $40 for ink cartridges.

  1. Handling Papers

The paper handling is a concept which includes installing of the papers along with duplexing as well as the paper feeding automation. The Epson printers are considered the best in this category.

In the HP printer, the rate of spewing papers is 3.6ppm whereas Epson spewing 5.5 papers per minute.

The Final Words

Both HP and Epson printers are awesome at their respective places. Both have their own uniqueness. Still, if you are having any query or have any doubt, you can connect with toll-free HP printer support number.



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