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Quickbooks Online Advanced is the latest offering form Intuit that has been designed to fulfill the requirements of complex and growing businesses. It is a cloud based service that has lately been enhanced with a dose of artificial intelligence. It leverages the capabilities of machine learning to provide a wonderful option to businesses that find other alternatives in the market quite expensive. The fact that this latest accounting software comes with the promise of now legendary Quickbooks tech support makes it even more useful for the customers.

Smart reporting to enable quick decisions

Quickbooks online advanced is also enriched with all the useful data and information present in Quickbooks ecosystem. This is how it is able to present deep insights to fast growing businesses, helping them in taking quick and timely decisions. This intelligent accounting software is made on an open platform with access to tons of 3rd party applications. Whether it is inventory management or online payment of bills, a business can easily integrate its preferred applications with this wonderful accounting software to keep their operations smooth and streamlined.

Cost effective, flexible solution for fast growing businesses

Quickboks online advanced fills the much needed gap in the market for cost effective accounting software for fast growing businesses. It makes available a very flexible solution at a price point that is unthinkable for other companies providing these services. With its much loved Quickbooks enterprise support, this offering from Intuit has caught the imagination of a large number of growing businesses around the country.

According to the company, this new product is an attempt to meet the requirements of mid market businesses that can benefit from its array of features such as better controls and insightful reporting. This smart reporting is a result of Fathom, a technique that transforms data of a company into intelligent reports, and helps them in taking quick and smart decisions. Every subscription of Quickbooks online advanced comes with a license for Fathom and businesses can import their data into Fathom to get smart reports. Quickbooks online advanced was launched on 15 October 2018 and it is a step above the earlier Quickbooks Online Plus.

Quickbooks online advanced comes with many features to boost productivity for complex and growing businesses.

Priority circle membership- This program provides a single point of contact to customers to solve their technical and product related queries.

Complimentary training– Users of this accounting software are entitled to receive online training courses from Quickbooks. Worth nearly $2000, this feature enables businesses to get the most out of this accounting software.

Priority care– This feature of Quickbooks online advanced allows small businesses to be routed ahead of queues to receive customer care quickly.

One great feature of Quickbooks online advanced is expanded user base. Quickbooks realizes that as companies grow and expand, they become medium sized form scale businesses. This is when they need frequent customer care to match their growth.

Last but not the least is the feature called Custom User Permissions. Using this feature, fast growing companies can easily apply for permissions to delegate access to new employees.



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