Internet Explorer 10 to be Laid to Rest in 2020

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Internet Explorer 10 was released by Microsoft in 2012. It was then the default browser in Windows 8. Much water has flown in Tames River since then. First Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer 11 and then replaced it with its latest browser Edge. Internet Explorer support is still available from the company. But now Microsoft has officially announced that it will discontinue with Internet Explorer in January 2020.

Those who are still using IE 10 have the option to upgrade to either IE 11 or Edge without paying any charges. There is no dearth of businesses that are sticking to IE 10 and continuing with the old operating system Windows 7 or Windows 8. Microsoft wishes these customers to upgrade to Edge but they cannot because it is incompatible with their old operating systems. These businesses will have no choice but to upgrade when Microsoft officially buries its old Internet Explorer in 2020.

Microsoft was clear about its strategy when it introduced IE 11 as the last version of Internet Explorer. This was three years ago and it did not take long for the company to introduce its modern browser Edge. Online Internet Explorer support was continued by the company after the realization that many of the customers were not willing to upgrade to Edge. But now Microsoft feel that enough is enough and it is time to finish off Internet Explorer.

If you are a business using Internet explorer, you can be sure of withdrawal of support from Microsoft after January 2020. This love for Internet Explorer among businesses is because of some old web apps that are compatible with it. If a business upgrades to Edge, he finds that he is unable to enjoy these web apps. The irony for these businesses is that these web apps have not been modernized by their developers. Microsoft has warned that security updates for Internet Explorer users will be available only till the end of this year. It is therefore in the security interest of businesses still using Interne Explorer to make a smooth transition to Edge or any other modern browser.

If you are one of these businesses not willing to upgrade to Edge or any other modern browser like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, we have a solution for you. We are one of the most respected Internet Explorer tech support agency around the country. No matter what your problem with your Internet Explorer, we have a solution for you. We have helped hundreds of Internet Explorer users around the country through our support provided from a toll free telephone number.

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