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You are aware of the importance of a high quality antivirus program for your computer when browsing over internet. These programs keep the system protected from threats lurking on internet. The same applies to your smartphone running on Android operating system that is known for its inherent vulnerabilities. AVG antivirus has come up with a program especially designed for Android smartphones. This antivirus program keeps your smartphone safe form all the malicious apps that you use and download from Google Play Store and other websites on internet. AVG antivirus support keeps your device safe and secure from apps and drivers with a malicious code. 

AVG is one of the leading companies making internet security suites for computers and laptops. Now the company has offered a security suite for the first time for the users of smartphones and tablets. AVG antivirus for Android has a basic version that can be downloaded and installed without any registration and payment to the company. Once installed this security suite initiates a scan of your device and finds if there are any malicious codes in the apps or the operating system or not. With the help of online AVG antivirus support, this program is able to constantly monitor threats available on internet It keeps on blocking malicious codes fond in apps and websites to keep your Android device safe and secure.

This antivirus from AVG not only scans and destroys malicious viruses form your smartphone but also serves as a tool to locate the device if it is stolen or misplaced. It has the ability to scan all the emails you receive as well as text messages. This means you can rest assured that your smartphone or tablet will not become infected through message, emails, or the malicious websites that you may visit inadvertently. However, these advanced features are only available in the paid version of AVG antivirus.

Salient features of AVG antivirus for Android

Scanner for viruses

This scanner carries out complete scan of the device as well as websites visited by you to identify and destroy malicious codes.

Kills unwanted tasks

It is able to stop unwanted tasks continuing to run in thebackground to speed up your Android smartphone.

Saves power

Android AVG antivirus has the ability to save power of your smartphone through its power saver mode. By using this antivirus, you can extend the battery of your smartphone for a long time.

Cleans cache

It clears cache from your smartphone by removing temporary files.

Vault for photos

It provides a vault for photos to hide intimate photos from others.


It can block your apps from accessing internet to save valuable data from your internet plan.


With the help of encryption, this antivirus keeps your confidential information safe and secure from all Wi-Fi networks.

Insights about apps

This antivirus provides valuable information about the most used apps and how much data they consume.

Most interesting feature of paid version of AVG antivirus is that it can help in tracing your phone if it is stolen or lost somewhere through SMS commands it sends to the device.



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