Kindle Oasis – The Good and The Bad, Everything You Need To Know

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The kingdom of readers is flourishing ever since they are introduced with a technological way of reading their favorite books and the way is called Kindle.

Developed by the biggest online retail brand Amazon, Kindle is quite popular among reader because of its small and hand-held feature. A reader can now take his or her favorite book without any extra cost.

Another important and most exciting thing about Kindle devices is that a single Kindle can hold multiple books, thus you need not have to carry multiple books with yourself.

Though there are multiple books in the market yet, there is one Kindle device which has its own customer niche because of its exciting features and it is Amazon Kindle Oasis.

Backed-up by best Amazon kindle support and services, this device is a bit costly when compared to other Kindle devices, but trust me, it features won’t let you down anytime in future.

Come let us discuss the excellent features of this brilliant Amazon Kindle Oasis.

Kindle Oasis – An Overview

The Amazon kindle Oasis has evolved a lot in terms of features when compared to its predecessor. Unlike its previous models, the new kindle Oasis is compact with water resistance feature along with that it also offers excellent protection against any kind of liquid elements.

Other features that make this device stand out of other devices are the added audible support, and amazing battery life to name a few.

Tell Me Something about the Design of Amazon Kindle Oasis

  • The graphite-aluminum design of Kindle Oasis is something that allures your reader spirit to the core. Not only it feels substantial but it also gives durability to its design.
  • Here are some major noticeable design features:
  • Large 7-inch display
  • Swipe-based page navigation
  • Button to swipe pages
  • Thickness 0.13 inches
  • Weight is 6.7 ounces
  • USB 2.0 port on both the sides

How Durable is Amazon Kindle Oasis is?

Durability is the foremost thing that any user look while purchasing any product, especially when it is an electronic device. Amazon has kept durability in its concerns while building its design.

Kindle Oasis, evident to its name can endure up to 2m of freshwater for up to one hour. The experts even tried dunked it in an 8-inch deep bath of NYC tap water and kept it there for an hour, the results were as expected, and the device came up unharmed.

What About Display and Interface of Amazon Kindle Oasis?

Oasis is fitted with one of the best E Ink screens which are not found in any of its competitors. The display has 7 inches 300 PPI panel which has 12 LEDs fitted within.

These 12 LEDs equally distributes and adjust backlights that give readers an exceptional reading experience.

Coming onto its interface, the kindle Oasis is having a brilliant user interface. Its widescreen enhances the reading experience of users.

Turning pages in this kindle are smooth. One of the best parts of the kindle Oasis is that with the single charge, it will let you keep your favorite book for 6 hours continuously.

Should I Buy It?

This is one of its kind kindle, the best among all. With its water resistance feature, larger and widescreen, and enhanced battery, altogether make Oasis a perfect choice to purchase. It is a value for money product.



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