Let’s 5G: Verizon asks Customers to Support its Rollout

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5G, the next generation of mobile communications, is being awaited impatiently by the consumers all over the world. It will replace the current 4G and 3G services being offered by Verizon and other mobile operators. Like other players, Verizon is also excited about 5G and it also wants its customers to pitch in with their support to make its 5G rollout quicker and easier. In fact, the company has launched ‘Let’s 5G’, a website that is designed to inform customers about this latest technology. The company is also masking customers to pledge their support for 5G so that this latest wireless technology network could be established in their neighborhoods. This online Verizon internet support will prove helpful in ensuring a faster and smoother 5G rollout by the company.

Asking customers to pledge their support

Why is Verizon trying to build community support for the rollout of its 5G network? Well, the answer lies in the resistance put up by environmentalists against setting up of hundreds of thousands of cell sites to make this technology work. Most of the people who are trying to block 5G rollout are those who have aesthetic and health reasons behind their resistance. These sites and antennas will be necessary to provide internet speeds that are up to 10 times higher than what customers are getting today with 4G networks. Verizon is trying to convince the authorities that its customers really want introduction of 5G network. Verizon internet support will boost chances of the company in beating its rivals Sprint and AT&T in setting up its 5G network.

Ploy to thwart resistance shown by environmentalists

With its ‘Let’s 5G’, Verizon is trying to drum up support for its proposed 5G network. It is asking customers to leave behind their names, addresses, and email IDs to let authorities know how much people want 5G in their neighborhoods. Customers have to sign the letter that has been drafted by the company to pledge their support for its 5G network. To tell the customers that its 5G network is totally safe for them, Verizon is claiming that its equipment falls well within the safety limits prescribed by the federal government.

5G home internet services are already functioning

Verizon has already begun its 5G internet services in homes in parts of cities like Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Houston, and Sacramento. However, Verizon does not make it clear how and when it proposes to launch these services on mobile phones of its customers. Samsung, the Korean electronics giant, has said that it is working with Verizon and other major players to launch its 5G smartphone in the U.S very soon. Other companies like LG, ZTE, and OnePlus are also working on their 5G models to offer more options to the consumers.

5G is a technology that promises not just a much higher internet speed but also broader coverage and better connections to the consumers. With wonderful Verizon internet tech support, the company is well placed to get a big slice of the pie.



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