Malwarebytes Antivirus: Wipes Malware Totally

There was a time not so long ago when viruses were simple and predictable. They infected executable files only and any normal antivirus could easily detect and destroy such viruses. But today, times have changed and there are very cunning ransom ware and malware that can change their form to escape the eyes of any antivirus program. This is where the expertise of specialized malware killer Malwarebytes is needed to provide foolproof security to your computer. Malwarebytes antivirus support identifies and kills malware in whatever form they are to keep the user protected when browsing the web.

Multiple layer protection

As the threat of malware and ransom ware continues to increase, Malwarebytes antivirus continues to climb the ladders of popularity. Users love the features of quick scan of this security suite that identifies and destroys the malware present in the machine before they are able to cause any big harm to the computer or the files. This antivirus provides many layers of protection.

Keep 5 devices safe with one purchase

Malwarebytes Premium costs users $39.99 per year. It is a reasonable price to pay for foolproof protection against all kinds of threats lurking on the web. If you pay $20 more, you can have the same high level protection for 5 devices in a household. People love this program because of its easy and user friendly interface. You get a lot of peace of mind when you see the message on the central panel that says you are protected. It has a very simple menu and you learn about the status of all components with a quick glance at the screen of your computer. If you are using the Premium edition, you see that are the components are enabled.

Incredibly fast scan at the start

Malwarebytes antivirus tech support with free version is restricted to a free scan and cleaning of your computer. But when you have purchased the premium version, you have the choices of a custom scan or a hyper fast computer scan. However, you would be surprised to see the full scan carried out by Malwarebytes antivirus so quick that you would hardly need to make use of the other two choices. This full scan will complete itself in less than 3 minutes irrespective of the number and size of files on your hard drive. The scan takes a little longer if your computer happens to be infested with malware. If you compare this speed with nearly 45 minutes taken by other major programs available in the market, you will thank your stars for having purchased Malwarebytes antivirus.

Protection provided by Malwarebytes antivirus comes in layers and detection of malware is signature based. There is very effective web protection for the users where Malwarebytes antivirus blocks any website that it considers suspicious. If it finds any program trying to encrypt files inside your computer, it comes into action and disables the process itself.

In the end, Malwarebytes antivirus provides excellent protection against all kinds of threats but its protection against malware is unbeatable.



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