Malwarebytes Indulged in Blocking of Domains as it Said Blocked Domains Were Risky for the Customer

If you are a customer of Malwarebytes, the most trusted anti malware program available in the market, you must have experienced blocking of websites on the part of this program. Malwarebytes indulged in blocking of domains as it said blocked domains were risky for the customer. Recently, Malwarebytes service finally agreed to stop this practice of blocking domains after receiving a spate of requests from oppressed domain owners.

Browser Guard is an integral component of any antimalware product from the stable of Malwarebytes. This browser guard stops customers from visiting many domains if it feels they are suspicious from any angle. Whenever a customer contacted Malwarebytes support regarding this blockage, he was told that it was done by the company to safeguard his device and data. Malwarebytes has always said that phishing sites and scamming sites have used such domains on a frequent basis and so it has no option but to block the domain whenever a customer attempts to visit them.

Some of the top domains that were routinely blocked by Malwarebytes antivirus are .top, .xyz, and .club. Customers were allowed to visit only a select few of the websites with such domains. These included websites that were preapproved by Malwarebytes. All others got blocked by the company with a message reading we strongly you do not continue greeting the customer whenever he clicked on a link of any such domain. 

This policy of Malwarebytes was annoying not only for the customers but also the owners of these domains as they were losing out to their competitors in terms of business. After receiving complaints from customers and owners of these domains for a very long time, it seems that Malwarebytes has finally relented. It has decided to do away with this policy of blocking domains that had become controversial.

This has been confirmed by operations Vice President Jocelyn Hanc at XYZ. He said that Malwarebytes has finally responded to the pleas made by the company and agreed not to block XYZ domains on Chrome browser to give some breathing space to the owners of these domains. He added that it is not just .xyz that has got a reprieve as .club and .top domains are also getting through the browser guard of Malwarebytes. It seems that Malwarebytes web protection does not get compromised in any way by this step of the company.

According to Jocelyn Hanc, this policy of Malwarebytes to continue with blockage of domains that were suspicious in the eyes of Malwarebytes was providing to be a regressive step. It was in a way telling companies using domains other than .com that they were not safe and secure for the customers. It was therefore a controversial policy that prevented innovation and growth. It penalized domains for using a cheaper alternative to .com.

It seems that Malwarebytes has finally realized its folly and accepted to stop blocking domains. Stuart Fuller, who is an expert in domain names, has welcomed the move from Malwarebytes. He says that finally Malwarebytes has stopped discriminating between domains as it realized it was wrong to paint a domain name as risky or unsafe for its customers.



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