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Microsoft Office

Microsoft is one of the world’s most important technology companies. Just started with 6 employees since then Microsoft has seen hundreds of products, ship billions of lines of code written innovations, breakthroughs and research that has changed all of our lives. That’s where it all began, 1975. It is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. It is a company that operates in over 100 countries, has over 80,000 employees and has annual revenues over 50 billion dollars. Microsoft commands nearly 90 percent market share but like most companies is facing a myriad amount of challenges today with its competitors, for example, Google.

Microsoft’s story is well documented and that is that Bill Gates was a student of Harvard University and decided to drop out and basically relocated to Mexico where one of his first partners and clients were located. Next year in 1978 the company’s first international office opened up in Japan and on January 1st 1979 Bill Gates decided to relocate the company’s headquarter from New Mexico out over in Redmond Washington and in 1980 Steve Bellmer a Harvard classmate of Bill Gates decided to leave Proctor and Gamble and join the company. On August 12 1981, IBM gave Microsoft its first major successful contract that is when IBM passed up digital research and granted Microsoft a contract for the disc operating system or DOS. On March 13, 1986 Microsoft had its IPO or initial public offering.  The stock opened at 21 and closed at 28 but if you adjust for the stock splits that are about 10 cents compared to today’s price. Now Microsoft has gone on to create 4 billionaires and over 12000 millionaires. In 1989 Microsoft launched its flagship office suite called Microsoft Office and the next year in 1990 it launched windows 3.0 which really helped the company become the dominant platform of the computing industry. Microsoft’s critics are quick to point out that the company is rarely invented much and in fact it has missed on many opportunities. None of which are greater than the Internet in the World Wide Web. In the mid 1990s Netscape has commanding position in the browser wars and that’s when Microsoft decided to launch Internet Explorer. Today Microsoft is a diversified technology company that uses it cash cows to invest in new high-growth areas. Microsoft is facing many competitors all at once. In the video game market, it is taking on of course Nintendo and Sony, in music business it is taking on Apple and SanDisk and of course online it’s taking on Yahoo, Google and AOL.

Microsoft is certainly everyone’s first choice when it comes to productivity software. After marketing the cloud-based office 365 subscription as well as introducing office mobile on windows 10 it has become remarkable. Microsoft added a ton of improvements with their new office software both on Windows and Mac OS which is the Microsoft office 2016 in short there are quite a few cosmetic changes that are directly noticeable when you open office 2016 app. The new title and ribbon bar went a little bit larger especially when touch mode is being activated. Other than that office is now colorful mainly on the tunnel and path bars making easier for you to identify which one is excel which one is word. The theme can be still changed into the former monochrome in case you are not happy with it. Recent files are now grouped nearly according to time and can be organized easily. Those improvements features of mores counter the price without office 365 subscriptions. The pricing for both versions is not much different to proceeding office suits. Among the all of his apps excel receives the most additions including an interface redesigned. Mainly there are several new kinds of charts for example sunburst, waterfall. Excel went to more active in helping and organizing, visualizing, interpreting and correlating between tables.

Microsoft excel allows you to manipulate, manage and analyze data which helps in decision making and creates efficiencies that will directly affect your bottom-line whether you are using so for business or personal use. Excel gives you the right tools to enable you to accomplish all your needs. The word processing programmer, Microsoft Word can put together all kinds of text in various formats. In formatting you could do anything and everything you want to be it bold italics, left justified, right justified, line in the centre. You can even go ahead with writing a full fledge book with graphics in it, chapters, page numbers and everything, or a quick letter, or an article. Microsoft PowerPoint has long been the workhouse of the presentation software market for it has the ability to develop presentations quickly, easily and effectively.

Advantages of Microsoft office are wide and varied. With powerful analytical tools included within Microsoft office you have the ability to analyze large amounts of data to discover trends and patterns. Its graphing capabilities allow you to summaries your data enhancing your ability to organize and structure your data. It has got the leading word processor on both Mac and PC. Anything that you want to send, write and read you can do it with the Microsoft word. It has a wide functionality and industry standard over other document software. Unlike other comparable suites, Microsoft Office is completely bolstered for the two Windows and Mac machines. A preferable standpoint that Microsoft has over its rivals is that it is intended to be strongly easy to use. With the new releases its advantages continue to increase. Its abilities over others also include user interfacing, creating diagrams, reusing content, creating consistency, securing presentations and reducing file size. The many features of the application is easier to accomplish. Hence Microsoft Office could be rightly stated the most preferred classic office setting.




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